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General Information
” The vast expanse of sandy beaches and palm trees … ”

Antalya ” of 42 kilometers southwest of sandy beaches , palm trees and the harbor with an exceptional tourist paradise, Belt. Mostly Germans , Russians , Austrians , French, American , Belgian and British tourists precious one belt ; Phaselis , Olympos, Chimera , such as historical sites and 62 km . ” with beaches like attention. Tourist establishments with a capacity of 60,000 beds , giant resorts around the county and visitors of all ages daily tours accommodation and recreation needs are met. Belt beaches ( Moonlight, Kındıl Fountain , Kiris , Beldibi, Alacasu , Cirali …) to swim in the summer season are suitable for any time of day . Once upon a time known as Idyros Belt , excellent infrastructure today , well maintained and wide avenues, an important district with great stores .
Dead of winter in Kemer . This season is turning into a ghost town on the desolate towns . The tourist season opens in May , is closing at the end of October . Foreign tourists, especially some older ones are starting to come in April . For younger visitors the ideal period of June-July . Enjoy the summer , endless sandy beaches is removed.
Road transport :

Antalya bus station every ten minutes from ” belt ” to be found in vehicles . Where the very twisty road parallel to the sea , the scenery is very nice, but the driver must be very careful . At night Belt ” E extending the roads are quite dark. Especially during the tourist season if you are not on these roads too need to be careful . Because the road is very secluded and dark. Belt ” from Antalya Finike road using the Aegean ” to Burdur from the direction of the E-5 highway in Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara , “or you can go .

Mediterranean Travel : (0242) 814 39 39
As Tourism Travel : (0242) 814 48 88
Çamyuva Tourism: (0242) 814 11 99
Patara Kas Tourism: (0242) 814 48 89
Kamil Koc Travel: (0242) 814 28 98
Tour Bus Operators belt . : (0242) 814 11 23
Pamukkale: (0242) 814 39 76
Coastal Tourism: (0242) 814 15 65
Tekirova Tourism : (0242) 814 20 01
Ulusoy Bus Proc. : (0242) 814 20 20
Varan Bus Proc. : (0242) 814 43 52

Maritime transport :

With a moving boat from the port of Antalya Kemer ” to be able to reach . Yacht tours in this region
you can get . Nearby towns in these regions of the boat tours are organized.

The distances between the various towns of :

17 km Tekirova
Çayov 8 km
Aslanbucak 5 km
18 km Beldibi

Region Local Transportation
County and surrounding transportation is provided mostly by taxi . Large hotels and travel agencies have their own shuttle van . Foreign visitors are choosing car hire .
Established as a city of Lycia Belt , has been dominated by many civilizations in history . Phaselis ( Phaselis ) the region’s most important ruins of the ancient city provides . Idyropolis , Tower, Church ruins in the town center belonging to the Seljuk era hunting lodge , Kuzerder Gedelme Castle in the village of Kemer historical riches .
Things to Do
Marina , a modern town with a wide view of the market since the wealth around Kemer is known . Olympos, Saklikent , as Myra- Kekeva neighbors. Belt ” closest to the ancient kentphaselis 15 miles away . Lokios in the year 690 BC, is considered by the establishment . Old trading center . First money BC. 5th century ” had been used in the pressing . Persians entered into a short period of time . Then recovered by the Athenians . A time of Alexander the Great rule of ” I have stayed in Egypt after the Pharaohs , the Lycian Union , the Roman Empire egemelig entered . AD 19th century, ” the Romans in the hands of the nascent city of Phaselis , three- port consists of . Today in the city of Zeus Temple, King ‘s Road and the theater remains . Phaselis ” in the trade, which is very advanced in both sports in the city, it is known that two major athletic events take place .

Phaselis in the port ‘s many interesting ruins , but most of them much destroyed the case, unfortunately. Agora next to the temples , Athena and Hermes ” to dedicated . Kent ‘s in good condition, structure , Roman -era aqueduct . Most ancient monuments , the underwater , coming 6th century BC ” a very perfume bottles . ROSE PRODUCTION already in that period and rose oil obtained from regions with perfume was also famous .
Wining and Dining
Belt ” , especially the restaurants very cute little motel . Prices are also reasonable. Ulupınar Village” trout produced at very famous . Belt ” of the Mediterranean dishes , as well as fast food also is consumed . Bars in the street , like Side, where ever have come across , midyec and kokoreçci to would come across. , German and British cuisine in the examples can be seen. Hannover Restaurant with international cuisine, decent staff, fish menu and a variety of wines with preference may be the cause . Nasreddin Hodja Restaurant ” is also , as the wine , you can enjoy Mediterranean dishes as well .
Belt region’s largest and most modern in the market can come to the store . Offices open until late change , ATMs are everywhere, even in many stores are going through credit card . Carpets, leather, jewelry stores across the region , as well as in the majority. Ceramic trinkets in the souvenir shops , jewelry box carved in stone , crystal household goods are sold. Certain big you can see in boutique clothing brands . In the showcases sports wear , bathing suits, beach towels and a backpack stands out immediately .
Kemer ‘s night life is very colorful during the summer season . There are two separate street near marina , discos and bars street street . Bars İngilizce pubs in the street ( Bar Ambiance , etc. . ) And even songs would come across to the bar . Dance parties are held in the famous DJs . County ‘s famous open-air disco , Disco Oberbayern found every night of non-stop party is getting overcrowded .
Outdoor Sports

Willow Friday , Altinyaka Creek village jeep safari tours are organized in such a high place . Rich offroad routes . Antalya “s 27 km southwest of Beldibi Cave, west of Kemer on the Wood Pigeon Mountain on the eastern slope Mullah Hole Cave and trekking lovers , as well as caving for those interested attractive. Ulupınar village fishing enthusiasts haunt . Kemer in the tours, rafting, jeep safari tours are organizing . for day tours, attracting the attention of visitors of all ages . Belt ” also very common in diving . Several diving organizations are coming to the area . Mountain sports are possible. Belt ” in all the major hotels in the fitness room are . Volleyball and tennis, sports are made. Nature walks and bike tours are performed . Beycik Üçoluk , Ovacik and Gedelme highlands for hiking choice. Kiris Municipality ” depending on what Göynük Canyon nature sports are keen haunt of .
Belt , in terms of health care in the event of the region’s most developed district . Kemer Life Hospital, a private health care services in areas such as clinical Belt is given. Pharmacies mostly Atatürk Caddesi in ” ‘s . Medication done , because you have to run across insects like mosquitoes in the region .
Tekirova, Olympos, Demre , Beldibi , Phoenicia, Perge, Myra and Kekova , Kas
Holidays with Children
Baby -sitting service is provided in almost all the major hotels . Auquaworld a unique entertainment venue for children . Aqua roller Ecodemic children do need to see the place. Also great around the kids having a good time . You can run into plenty in the arch of the toy . Pokemon , teddy bears are always in demand. Marina near the beach can use in a vast sea of children will find toys . Belt ” in too much puppy and cat . Most of them vaccinated and well-maintained. Belt ” to return to your home you can adopt a cat or dog .

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