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Map Of Çorum

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Corum, Corum province in Inner Central Black Sea Region and the center of the city, which is the central district with the same name. Soil industry and machine manufacturing industry is highly developed. Central Black Sea is located in the inner part of the Department. East of Amasya, Yozgat in the south west, Çankırı, north of Sinop, Samsun, in the northeast, southwest and is surrounded by Kırıkkale.
According to the latitude and longitude and 34 degrees 04 min. east longitude and 39 degrees 54 min. is located between the northern latitudes. The average height above sea level (altitude) 820 meters.
244 to Ankara, Istanbul 608, Amasya, 92, Sinop, 294, 172 Samsun, Tokat, Turkey 188 km if. away.
Districts from the city center are; Friesian 52, Bayat 83, Bogazkale 87, Dodurga 42, Iskilip 56, Pike 106, Lachin 29, Mecitözü 37, Oguz 68, Ortakoy 57, Osmancık 59, Sungurlu 72 and Ugurludag 66 km is.

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