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Map Of Denizli

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Denizli, southwest of the Anatolian Peninsula , is located east of the Aegean region . Aegean, Central Anatolia and the Mediterranean region is a gateway between . Of Denizli , on each of the three regions are also earth . Denizli, 28 ° 30 ‘ – 29 ° 30’ east longitude and 37 ° 12 ‘ – 38 ° 12’ north latitude takes place . East, Burdur , Afyon, West Aydin, Manisa , Usak north , the south is bordered by the provinces of Mugla .

City ‘s land area 11,868 km ² , the province of Turkey approximately 1.5% and 18.5 % of the Aegean region ‘ constitute in . The altitude is 354 meters from the center . Closest to the sea surface with an average altitude of 170 meters Saraykoy district, with an average altitude of 1,350 meters is the most remote places Çameli district.

Surface Shapes

Provinces in terms of surface shape is wavy . Low and high plains, plateaus and mountains complement each other. City of territory of about 47.1% in the mountains, 28.2% accounted plains, 23.2% plateau and 1.5% constitute the springs .

The highest mountain in Western Anatolia and the Denizli Honaz 2571 m. has a height . Karci ( 2308 m. ) , Akdag ( 2449 m. ) , Bozdag ( 2421 m. ) , Eşeler ( 2254 m. ) , Bulkaz ( Burkaz ) (1990 m. ) , Elmadağ ( 1805 m. ) , Big Çökelez ( 1340 m . ) and FiveFingers ( 1307 m. ) provinces are the other major mountains .

Büyük Menderes and Çürüksu across the valley in steps descending Pavilions, Çivril , Baklan Kaklik , Böcel Denizli, Turkey ( limp ) and Saraykoy ( Büyük Menderes ) Plain with the springs looking Acıpayam Tavas principally to the Plains, Karayayl A , Çameli, Uzunpınar , Yoran , Shah Subscription Sülaymani to , Kuyucak Plateau creates plains of the province . If the Büyük Menderes valley lined with fertile plains and valleys Çürüksu , Edremit Valley, Valley Gireniz and Kelekçi displayed.

City is not lacking in terms of overall stream . Ejected from the border provinces as there are , there are also feeding the major rivers flowing through . Three great river , the largest river of the Aegean region is one of the Büyük Menderes . The total length of 529 km. of the river length of 194 km in the city of Denizli . and the average flow rate of 44.32 m³ / sec is . Çürüksu Dalaman ( Gireniz Creek) , Edremit ( Bozdağ’a the ) tea, Yenidere , Gokpinar tea, Kufi Brook , Derbent, tea, bath tea and Puritan Tea province located in the main stream is one .

The largest lake in the province Acıgöl ( Arbour Lake ) is 44.32 km ² has . Pavilions district of Denizli and Afyon province in the land of the graben between the county Dazkırı the world’s cleanest sodium sulfate salt is obtained ( non-toxic ) is a lake . With the nature of flamingos , ducks bird heaven is inhabited by about thirty species of birds . Sodium sulfate salt lake edge is evaluated by established businesses . Beylerli ( Çaltı ) Lake Karagöl , Sulaymaniyah Lake , Eagle Lake and Reservoir Illuminated provinces constitute the other major lakes .

Climate and Vegetation

In Denizli in the Aegean region , despite the climate of the Aegean region as the climate is not completely visible . Coastal areas to inland regions of the gate is in place , albeit less palpable climate of inland areas . Annual average high temperature of 34 º C , while the average low temperature is around 2 º C . This value of 40 º C in summer to rise up in the winter -10 º C until fall. Essentially Denizli, in terms of climate gives values ​​close to Central Anatolia Region .

In the province , in general, summers are hot and dry, winters are mild and rainy . The most rainfall in December , January, February and March are seen . In December m² , the average rainfall is 90 mm . The average annual number of rainy days is 80 days . The average annual relative humidity in June, July and August, when watching less than 50 % , increase in other months , December and January is more than 70% moisture . If the vapor pressure is highest in the summer months are the period . The higher the altitude the climate is cured . More mountains in the province that extends vertically to the sea , are open to winds coming from the sea . All these climatic data and climatic conditions lend Denizli natural charm .

Existing weather conditions, vegetation types in the region of the Black Sea region with alder, linden, hazelnut , chestnut, willow, fern- like species to grow and allow the mixture to enter . Native trees and the forests of the region , depending on altitude , vertical stratification creates . Starting with red pine larch place in the 850 meters vertical spread , leaving the heights of Taurus cedar and juniper then with a variety of alpine pine limit is reached. Çayırlaş from here begins and ends forests .

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