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Olympos Map

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General Information
” Bellerophon , Pegasos, Zeus and remote Lycian : Olympos ”

Finike road and the road extending from the arch at the bottom of the bed of beauty for thousands of years remaining coastal state. Olympos is one of these beauties . Those who know better, Olympos , mysterious, highly experienced a mixed peace to the people. Tree houses, the bay and orange scented dirt road , the ancient city, the river that divides the city , Cirali Beach and Chimaera filled with a host of beauty . Zeus ago , and now the pirates of the important stops of travelers Olympos .
Olympos is possible to swim in the 8 months of the year . Olympos 12 months of the year has a visitor . Besides the swim , as well as the best time to visit Olympos end of May or September will be . Get up very early in the morning you can visit the ancient city , you can swim in the afternoon . In view of the ocean where the sea , the little pebble beach . Even if you only intend to see Olympos forgetting here are to have to take at least three days . Otherwise, ” I saw Olympos ” You can not say
If you are going to transport by land , from Antalya to Finike can ride to any of the ongoing bus . After passing the belt about 20 miles from the Ruins Ulupınar can see the sign . From here, go in the direction of the ruins , you can in your way to the top bus . First of scenery that unfolds in front of you , follow Feeling the wind hitting your face . Here on rugs or mats covered with tea gardens and panoramic views of the garden you will see a cute cat . If you go a little foggy weather , the vast stretches of forest , you will be amazed by the view that unfolds before your eyes . If you are driving your own vehicle on the way to Antalya and Kemer Kemer – Phoenician Routes 80th , leaving behind miles from the entrance on the left Olympos should continue . This way you places corrupt ways of the forest to the coast of Olympos downloads. Do not park your vehicle beyond the settlement of the ban , unfortunately . Apart from that hour from Antalya and Kemer, Olympos minibus can be found. Yacht tours also possible to reach the Olympos . But short-term or day tour is not enough for you to see Olympos .
A port city of Olympos . Edremit river up into the ships enter the city after all. During this period, the city prospered then become a haven for pirates and merchants when it comes to trade thus led to a move away from here . BC Vatia defeated the Roman commander Publius Servilius 78 years Zeniketes pirates seize the castle returned to the city with its ancient heyday . During this period, the city has managed to resurrection overcame two large earthquakes . A portion of a very ancient ruins of Olympos is still standing … Edremit on the right side of the theater and the church, the left side of the temple , basilica and baths can be visited historical places … When you climb up to the medieval castle reached on foot from the beach in Cirali greeted with spectacular views of the beach .
Things to Do
Olympos is covered by protected areas in and around the ancient sites prohibited construction. From the main road out of the trees soaking up the smell of oranges in Olympos tree houses will meet you when you type bungalows . This is a luxury holiday destination , rather than the most important stop of the stroller . In the area where construction is prohibited in these tree houses for the accommodation is done again . I do not imagine this as a luxury homes , many who do not even have toilet rooms but perfect for adventurers and nature lovers . The most popular destination region and the first tree house – hostel that can accommodate at Kadir’s Place , or at least you can have your drink at the bar of its own specialties . If you want to go to the beach , about a 10 minute walk through the ancient city at the end of the ancient ruins along the edge of Edremit , you can walk up the beach among the graves . Beach free to students , and those in its outer beaches can enter by paying a small amount . Before going to the beach you can walk around the ancient city . If you follow the beach to the left, you will have to walk to the Cirali Beach . Cirali Beach beaches of Caretta Caretta turtles lay eggs that we have. Therefore, in order not to disturb the turtles at night forbidden to enter the beach . Interest will encounter wandering goats are harmless. But you are likely to encounter when climbing Mount Chimaera , which is not the same thing applies to wasps . After a walk of about an hour the various legends relating to Mount Chimaera , please contact the Chimera . Here summer – the burning of gas released from the mouth of the dragon dart from language to language , the real reason is to be noted that the flammable gas .
Wining and Dining
Olympos you can eat pancakes at the entrance are a few small places . Restaurants in Olympos gave weight to the vegetarian menu . This is especially not the case . Volunteers are doing culinary tourists coming to the region . Home-cooked meals made ​​from fresh vegetables and salads you eat a light meal in the hot summer will give you the opportunity . We can offer you our fried green beans and yogurt dishes. Also the fish of the area’s favorite foods . If you go at any season , seasonal fruits and vegetables on the menu you will see it . Cirali Beach ‘s fish restaurants in parallel . Depending on the season the most consumed fish sea bream and sea bass .
Do not think you can find great stores for shopping here . It does not allow each to find what you’re looking Olympos . The board also consists of tree house restaurant and a grocery store are also seeing duty . Apart from this land side of the road on a small shacks ‘s grocery store .
They’re also hosting a bar inside the bungalow hostels . Kadir’s Place bar of the environment at the same time the most popular night spot .
Outdoor Sports
Olympos a region rich in natural beauty . Beach, sea, eucalyptus trees adds richness to the area worth seeing … Pulps located just south of the mountain in the region can do little walk , you can see these beauties closer . Sea cleanliness and beauty of Olympos is very famous … Enjoy it ! Also the area again, Olympos Bey Mountains National Park are also located near the mountaineering … This is an ideal area for those interested in mountaineering activities open during the summer season …
Olympos to consider in terms of your health may be the most important topic of hot air . In particular, try to stand in the sun at noon . Other than that, you should pay attention to more obscure but quite harmful . If heat is very distressing to the mind of the creek , kid and leave yourself to the cold waters .
Kemer , Phaselis, Cirali, Ulupınar
Holidays with Children
Olympos young friends often frequented by groups or solo travelers . Here in tree houses out of the remaining campers are also available. If you are going out with your kids on vacation in Cirali Hotel Azur is ideal for you and your kids will be . Garden and suitable accommodation for families with children’s area .

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