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General Information
” Rock tombs, Santa Claus and Sunken City … ”

Connected to Antalya Demre , Kaş is among the Phoenician . 48 km from Kas , Finike 25 km away from the town of Demre , Myra around , and the ancient cities of Kekeva Church of Saint Nicholas is known for . Demre center, consists of a small bazaar … Accommodation usually intensifies between Finike- Demre way .

Demre , in the summer season Kemer, Antalya tours of such centers comes with local and foreign visitors are overflowing with . Natural beauty and historical richness, helpfulness and politeness of the people of the surrounding counties in Demre now takes precedence.

Quiet, peaceful and informative for a vacation is one of the most ideal region , Demre … In the area every year in December with the participation of international associations of Saint Nicholas ritual is done. An important place in the history of religions , this charming county , municipal and private organizations in recent years through the efforts of restructuring and is moving towards becoming a world-class tourist destination .

Demre 13 population centers 500 .. Summer and winter in the county has a population of resident and is not a resident of this population , such as Side district of Demre completely separate. Domestic tourist town of Demre masquerade as yet not completely . In the market with affordable prices to restaurants , stationery , small boutiques would come across.
Demre built for a population to have a place that can be visited in the winter months … Can you do 12 months of the year due to the climate .

In December of Demre for the Christian world is turning into an important place , Santa Claus rituals attracts many visitors to the region . The most beautiful periods for boating spring, summer and autumn … During the summer months a distinct vitality in Demre intrudes , but in a more relaxed atmosphere of ancient ruins fall should you choose if you want to visit .
Demre is possible to reach the land and sea . Road transport is the difficult part of the coastline is very twisty … Wild goats will leap off the road from time to time .

Demre, Antalya and Fethiye you can find a bus every half hour . In Demre, Antalya tourism there is also an office . Demre , Kemer, Finike Myra and Kekeva of such centers are organized daily tours . The price of this tour is between 40 DM and 60 DM . Germans make up the majority of visitors to the region , because they speak German for some tour guides have to remind you of the trip .

If Kaleköy no direct access . You can hire a boat to reach this area by sea .
Demre in the port used for this work have boats of various sizes .

If you are using airline , the closest airport to Demre, Antalya International Airport and 150 km from …
Region Local Transportation
No problem of transportation within the county ; close enough to walk almost everywhere . Kekeva to the island by boat in the harbor is gone. Myra is accessible by taxi .
Demre around the settlement history of M. SS 2000 ‘s, goes back to the year . Plateau ‘s Demre in the acropolis ruins . BC 7 Lykia’lı century and settled in Myra abandoned acropolis .

BC First Myra money 4th -century … At various times in the region of Arabs, Persians, Romans , Byzantines found the region suffered several invasions throughout history . This infestation in and around the various ways to protect against Myra has been created using chains and thick walls . Myra built by pulling the chain to the entrance of the harbor , the enemy tried to block the entrance .
Things to Do
Both tombs carved into the rock , as well as a very important date with the ancient theater center
, Myra , Finike, 25 , 48 km from Kas … Myra, Lycia civilization out of the major cities … Demre River maritime trade made ​​by boat . Meanwhile, the city has been transformed into a cultural center .

Ancient theater in Myra , 2nd century AD on the ruins of an ancient theater in the smaller set . The theater seats , leaning on the back of the hill . Radius of 110 meters, this structure is remarkable steepness . Theatre consists of two parts , including the top and bottom . In the upper section 9 , sub-section if there are 29 rows of seats . Theatre A.D. In 141 was badly damaged in the earthquake and then again made ​​of . Theatre in subsequent years as the arena
used and witnessed the struggles of gladiators . In the near Myra position Karabucak ‘s a monumental tomb from the Roman period remaining .

Undoubtedly the most important remnants of the rock tombs of Myra … Lycian tombs that have survived to the present to climb , now completely prohibited to enter into them . When you approach already previously very
can realize they are damaged .

Rock tombs of the ancient theater is located in the east . Common entrance leading to the tomb , by a large rock
closed . Stances , mystical connotations and can etkileniveriy of the mysteries . Most of the visitors to the top step of the ancient theater Taking a closer trying to see the rock tombs . In the east wing , crouched down , you can see the inside of a tomb .

Myra’s port town Andriake Known as Çayağzı . The most important ruins , monuments, fountains in the view … Akuadük a portion of the residual stand out here . Many of the buildings in the harbor still under the ground … There are ruins of government buildings . In the area of the ruins of Lycian period , as well as structures in the Byzantine period would come across.

St. Nicholas ( Saint Nicholas ) Church of St. Nicholas, known as Santa Claus, was born in Patara , a cleric died in Demre … St. Nicholas was a very wealthy family . At a younger age began to show miracles . When his father died , he inherited a very large , it is this heritage has decided to use to help the poor . Patara dowry for daughters of poor families began to disperse . Girls you might be embarrassed , I was doing secretly . Go to homes at night from the claws of the pouch ‘s leaving a bag of gold . One day I saw that the windows are closed , sac began to throw down the chimney . Thus was born the legend of Santa Claus . St. Nicholas, the poor, the
and students , as well Known as the protector of sailors . A portion of the indigenous peoples in Demre , he does not much care for being Christian , he was a saint thinks superior to religion . Today in the Church of Saint Nicholas in various wall paintings able to see the scenes that led to the legend …

When it comes to church … In fact Lycian temple of the goddess Cybele ‘s in the same place though . Artemis Euther (Cybele ) Temple A.D. Seeing heavily damaged in an earthquake in the second century , this church was built on . Byzantines, an Orthodox church built this temple on the left . According to popular belief , Saint Nicholas was Archbishop of this church .

Marble in the church , on the decorations, the three sarcophagi, reliefs ‘s , located in the high grave
Nicholas died on December 3 343’t was sleeping . The church was greatly damaged the Arab invasion . Years later, in the late Byzantine period, corresponding to the area of St. na’aş Italian pirates kidnapped in Italy . But the hurried evasion , they have forgotten a few bones in the grave . Broken cover in case of grave moment … Forgotten in the last pieces taken from the church with golden ornaments and icons are exhibited in the Antalya Museum .

St. Nicholas Church in the 12th century made ​​some additions . 13th century, the area passed into the hands of the Turks . In the 18th century the chapel was repaired . At that time the church was open for worship . 19th century in the second half of Russians wanted to establish a colony in the area and have bought land . Been hindered by the Ottoman lands , and they want you back . Have appointed a Frenchman after all repairs . But in the meantime the authenticity of the church was greatly damaged . Even the church bell tower

Today while visiting the church , beautiful frescoes , sarcophagi how damaged you may notice that . Far
some of which have remained under the protection of the moment to decorate the place ; prohibited walked on … Probably the first version of the present church structure was more unique and splendid . Fortunately, in recent years the Municipality of Demre , civil society organizations and the Ministry of Culture is very interested in this church . Vehbi Koç Foundation, repair and restoration of the church have been in great help for .

There are dozens of churches dedicated to the memory of Santa Claus . Biography and miracles of Saint Nicholas inspiration to many structures . The statue in the town of Demre , the modern world against him, an indication of the respect and love …
The most interesting element of the resort island of Kekova can be reached by a short boat ride . In ancient times of earthquakes , caused a city to sink into the sea . You can see the north coast ruins, it remains far from the city … On the island, the 5th century the remains belong to an Orthodox church there . Byzantine -era building, belonged to the monks who settled on the island . Monks settled here , tried to spread Christianity in Lycia . Many of the sunken city
In the coastal ruins still cover much of the sea … This has forbidden diving in the area , and therefore see what is explained Abildiklerinizle have to settle .

Demre , history , as well as a unique place with its natural beauties …

Demre Bird Sanctuary is really worth belonging to the Municipality . Dozens of species of birds in this area shelter . Çayagzi Demre in the south of Hot Springs , a rich source of sulfur … 15 degree temperature water , the cure of many diseases … The local people, water after sundown , believes that impair health .
Wining and Dining
Demre fish specialties … Bream, scorpion fish, mackerel, whiting, turbot, garfish can find fish .

Bass and gray mullet are widespread. Simena , Kaleköy advise you to pay a visit to a fish restaurant . Accompanied by spectacular scenery , you can enjoy a memorable dinner . In the vicinity of home cooking that can come in many restaurants . My Özdoy , Silk, Mediterranean, such as the Sultan table suitable as restaurant prices . Especially if you compare it with places like Kemer , in Demre is appropriate will see a lot of eating .
In Demre you can come across something very unique as souvenirs . Myra entrance has an open-air bazaar . Here you can find silver trinkets and souvenirs .

Likewise, a similar market near the Church of Saint Nicholas is established. The front of this market in the summer , full of foreign visitors who competed in the shop … Several relics , religious motifs, decorated with fish charms and trinkets, figurines of Santa Claus ,
Evoking the Lycian period statuettes, tiles decorated with coins, in describing the Ministry of Culture
publication is strewn with stalls …

Small coffee shop just across the front of the church , have a nice gift shop . Here, evoking the life of Saint Nicholas would come across to the relic .
Outdoor Sports
There is a small harbor town of Demre and able to hire or here . Boat building near the harbor , you can see the place . The public boat quite knowledgeable about construction …

Also Kekeva many visitors who want to reach the ruins , you can rent canoes . Therefore, canoeing common in this region …

There are diving around Kekeva ban , because it comes to the safety of the ruins of the sunken city . But Çayağaz able to dive around the … Demre fishing and trekking according to Tea . Also in Demre Bird Sanctuary trekking in the municipality can control . Delightful sounds of birds and natural wealth , people are fascinated literally . Large accommodation centers in the region , five star hotels, outdoor activities are organized within . There jeep safari day trips to surrounding towns Köprücay activities such as rafting on organized tours to the region very common …

There are also hunting in the area . For those interested:
Demre Hunters and Shooters Association : (0242) 871 56 97
If you like you are staying in Demre and the ancient ruins , you will experience the greatest health problems in your feet . Next to you , if possible, do not forget to orthopedic and sturdy sandals .

While visiting the ruins of Myra , casual sports shoes prefer, because the road to the ancient theater ‘s plenty thorns and dust .
Phoenicia, Title Source , Kaş, Kemer, Kalkan
Holidays with Children
If your children come to Demre , in a small market , you can find many toys they might enjoy . Stationery , sports goods for children ‘s stores . Bebe clothing stores there .

Unfortunately, no baby sitting service in Demre . Myra with children under 6 years may have difficulty traveling . Because of the ancient city walkways are very rough … They’re trying to get kids to rock tomb . This also can be very dangerous consequences arise .

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