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Efes – Ephesus Map

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General Information
” In mythology, a fairy tale town ”

When you came to Ephesus , passing from the box office from the moment you start to walk in the city is experiencing an ancient story would get the feeling . Of course there is a lot to see here … For more curiosity you will see before entering the city ‘s important to take forward a detailed directory of Ephesus .
Efes see no need to wait for a certain season . But under the sun , such as the Japanese umbrellas , thirst you do not want to walk around writhing in spring or autumn to coincide your visit to Ephesus should bring . Ola ‘s summer vacation time you have decided to visit Ephesus , then this huge ancient city in the early morning hours would be ideal for exploring .
You can reach Ephesus from Izmir Aydin highway . 3 km from the city of Ephesus in Selcuk , Kusadasi from the road to the left ( after the Temple of Artemis ) of Ephesus, where the tree-lined road signs ( the road is the road of the seven sleepers at the same time ) is entered. Selcuk is located at the intersection of important roads for transport with many bus companies are able to provide . There are minibuses going to Ephesus Selcuk bus station , if you go with a special tool to Ephesus till he should see the short distance you will notice that there is much more . If you’d like to hire a bicycle from the center of Selcuk , or a half-hour walk-through can be found in Ephesus . However, only 1 km away from Ephesus to the available landing of small aircraft ‘s Efes Airport .
Region Local Transportation
Of Ephesus, Selçuk and Kuşadası minibus plying between the two districts was the subject of Ephesus take the passenger . Here if you wish to Kusadasi , if you wish, you can go to Selcuk .
Ephesus, one of the most famous cities of antiquity , an important trading port should be opened to the East , because of both Christianity and paganism is the most important centers of Ephesus timely importance throughout history has provided protection . “Efes” the word is believed to come from Amazon . Even in this region that the indigenous people of Anatolia before the Ionians and Carians inhabited by Lelegian , has emerged during excavations of the ancient structures . BC ‘s first since the founding of the city of Ephesus 6000 is a year that is known for certain .
Things to Do
Once you enter the ancient city , you will meet first Grand Theatre . Fairground theater carved into the foothills , it is still alive today, 25 Has a capacity of 000 people . The first building was built in the Hellenistic period and the Late Roman Period, is made known in the gladiator fights here . Festivals that are still made ​​today ahead of the big theater , the street that runs to the right side of the road is closed to visitors today .

Another monumental building in Ephesus , in the area of ​​sport , hall bath and the emperor of course is where the East Gymnasium . The city remained until today is the Magnesia Gate is the only gate . Ephesus is the most famous and familiar streets which extends on both sides of the columns , is Curetes Street . This street was found under the front of the city ‘s largest sewage system raised in Ephesus are the statues of famous names . Kuretler on the side of the street going to the Odeon , on the left you will see the Temple of Hadrian . The magnificent temple that will surprise you on the legend of the foundation of Ephesus is described . Arriving at the Temple of Hadrian on the right side of the street , giant Celcus Library , follow a few minutes . Which will fascinate you with the resplendent image Celcus , MS Asia was made by Council’s son in 35 years . Roman Architecture reflects the library two floors, located next to the tomb of Celcus from the gallery is reached. Today, this gallery is filled with plastic bottles and ice packs are unfortunately not able to be regretted . surrounding Panayır Marble Street (Sacred Way ) along both sides of the sidewalk for pedestrians research today is definitely not what was done . Due to the size of the ancient city of Ephesus Harbour Street has also been used as a ceremonial site on time . If you enter the city took their way after a 20-minute climb , you will reach the Odeon . ( If you enter the city from the top of the turnstile so you do not have to walk far ) . 1400 people theater is being used in small theater shows and concerts . For a long time the ongoing excavations by Austrian and Turkish archaeologists and visitors taking Slope Houses ( rich homes ) by 2001 it was opened to domestic and foreign tourists . Rich to enter the house to Ephesus , in addition to entering the fee at a rate necessary to provide specify. Christianity has an important place in the history of Mary Church ( Council KIIS ) is also compulsory among the places to be seen . Apart from these, you need to ride carefully in Ephesus There are many parts . They are: Varius Bath, Great Fountain , State Agora , City Palace , Water Palace, Memmius monument , Domitian temple, Traian fountain, Skolastiki the bath, Datr , the Love house , Mazeus – Mithridates Gate, Commercial Agora , Stadium, Temple of Serapis , Theater Gymnasium , harbor Gymnasium and baths . History insists on challenge with you while visiting the ancient city of Ephesus cameras , camcorders, and also do not forget to take a book detailing .
Wining and Dining
Buttermilk pancakes in Ephesus where you can eat and have a few small places . Apart from these, seven are within walking distance of the seven sleepers type of pancake in Gözlemecisi also suggest to taste .
At the entrance to the ruins of Ephesus city of small stalls and shops line consisting ‘s a bazaar . Zoning in this area because it is forbidden prohibited construction … Here all kinds of unique items and accessories you can get to Ephesus .
In the city of Ephesus impossible to find a place to enjoy the night . Selçuk for fun , or 20 miles . You can choose within Kusadasi .
Outdoor Sports
Except one sports activity you can do in Ephesus Selcuk , Ephesus at the airport is the parachute training . If you love adventure and coincides with a trip to Ephesus course if you are lucky .
You must be careful not to stay long under the sun . Reach a health center in Ephesus
but no one at the entrance of Selcuk in the center of the state hospital and a large number of clinical pharmacy.
Selcuk, Seven Sleepers , Pamucak
Holidays with Children
If you decide to make your holiday in the Aegean region , no matter how far from Ephesus , navigate here to do with your children . This will ensure that their knowledge will expand as the imagination .

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