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Kazdağı Map

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General Information
” Legends, attracts people with its natural beauty and clean air Kazdağı … ”

Turkey is called the lungs of the history and nature here … Kazdağı cuddle , clean air to the breathing nature walks , an indispensable passion for the region’s loyalists . If this is your first trip to you , do not worry Mount Ida , where everything is just perfect !
Kaz nature lover , especially the preferred region . In the region in order to see the natural beauty of nature tours are organized sports . Because of this beauty can only be reached on foot . Therefore more attractive to go in the spring and summer months . Winter snow and cold can be overwhelming . However, preferably from the region are also those who come in the winter months .
Mount Ida , which will go by private car from Istanbul to Tekirdag Malkara out – Kashan to follow the path must reach Gallipoli . After this point you have two options . Or Lapseki or Eceabat Gallipoli – Çanakkale ferry will pass to the opposite shore using . After Çanakkale Ezine – Following the path before Ayvacık Akkuyu then you will reach the Edremit district . After passing the exit to Mount Ida Edremit olives you will reach the road through the village you can use .
Kaz many myths about getting around from language to language … It is described in many different ways , one of efsana ” Sarıkız Legend ” . This legend tells the story of a father and a daughter is going through in the neighboring village . This village has a beautiful girl who lives with her family . Village youth compete with each other to marry this girl , but the girl does not face any .. Girls become intent of this attitude in the face of unimaginable slander the young girl screaming . All who believe in this rumor spread to the village to punish father and daughter under the pretext of cutting wood to the summit of Mount Ida brings her daughter and leaves him there . In the intervening moments in time that my father is doing the right thing and remove the mountain to find the girl again . Girl found in the mountains and they embrace . When calling the father and daughter are tired and thirsty . Daughter understands that his father wanted water from the mountains to the sea water stretches and extends to his father . The water is brackish and salt water would help understand the father is surprised . Dip your finger into the soil on this girl is . When you pull your finger through the hole of cold spring water begins to flow . She understands that it has supernatural powers of the father is shocked and apologizes to his daughter because of errors . But hard times due to his daughter on the mountain exhausted and dies . The pain and remorse father to son dayna a hill can not be found dead. Since then, the hill where the girl died at Mount Ida Sarıkız father died, the hill is called the Father Hill .

Mount Ida is Ida ‘s name in mythology . Is the subject of many mythological stories that I Kazdağı in history known as the site of the first beauty contest . According to legend , Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty contest held here have been selected . In addition, the poet Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey, also known as the mountain where he wrote his works .

After the Battle of Malazgirt in 1071, the Turks settled in Anatolia, located in Mount Ida Christian monks instead of the people who settled the mountain shepherds begin to use as springs . After this period the many events taking place in the region and to date has reached legendary legends appeared Kaz .
Things to Do
Kaz is a rarity in terms of natural beauty territory. Fox in the forest from month to allow all kinds of creatures to be found. In the region because it is forbidden to hunt protected wildlife . Among the places to be seen in the region Setüv Waterfalls and lakes of various sizes that Hasanboğuldu , Tahtakuşlar Village , Sarıkız and Father hills, comes Zeus Altar . Küçükkuyu 3 km away from the view of the Altar of Zeus will fascinate you.

Apart from these you can walk around Mount Ida has many hiking trails .
If you get tired from the heat , and if you want to swim to the shores of the Aegean coast immaculate can descend into the sea . Located 3 km from Edremit spas in Gürece may be an alternative for you .

Every year in August the traditional Kaz Kaz Ayazma Beauty Contest is held . Where the first beauty contest held at the time of the organization in terms of being an attractive …

Kazdağı can stay in the hacienda style hotel consisting of stone buildings built there . Spectacular views, this hotel in the foothills of Mount Ida , where you can walk around the nature trail there . This hotel is located in the Iliad The major hotels in Mount Ida , in Yesilyurt … Cetmihan Hotel and Country Club Öngen Too , with high oxygen content in Kazdağı . The region has a world reputation in this regard , the first three of the regions with clean air is entering. This holiday will be a memorable vacation for you and very different …
Wining and Dining
‘ll Find seafood restaurants in the area are very common . The most consumed fish species , sardines, squid, angler fish and trout … Always able to find fresh fish . Of course, fresh fish is not enough to be delicious . Should be cooked by master chefs . We think about the master chefs around the Mount Ida and not a nuisance . Kaz food restaurants around , especially in trout are a good alternative . Hotels in the region of preparing meals in the restaurants unique to the area .
Outdoor Sports
Other sightseeing walk to most of the places to be reached. For this purpose, local agencies have organized a trekking tour you can attend . Especially in Hasanboğuldu waterfalls and ponds beautiful places to be seen . Setüv found in this area is also possible to swim in the waterfall pond …
If you constantly need to use them to pack medicines have benefits. Because this is a bit far from the city center . Also Kazdağı weather is getting cold , especially at night . Y Do not forget to take your winter clothes . Especially after dark walking alone in the woods . Please note that predators and wild animals in the forest can be . Do not leave a note of caution in this regard .
Edremit , Akçay,Altınoluk

Holidays with Children
Do not you mind your children take him to Mount Ida . They will be a nice vacation away from the city environment . A good opportunity to recognize the nature of your children . But you will attend long nature walks can be difficult for them . The cool air of the mountains impressed not forget to pack for winter clothing .

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