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Map Of Afyonkarahisar

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General Information
“Healing and peace of mind for those looking in nature … ” Known for its hot springs mineral water and Afyon, Aegean Region, one of the provinces has been away from the sea . To be away from the sea , not cost anything to him . Opium , the road connecting the Mediterranean Sea in Central Anatolia , who have completed their development and natural beauty, healing waters and rich cuisine came to the fore . Where most of the opium poppy grown in Turkey . With marble quarries , the city is gaining more and more importance with ruins . Quiet, peaceful and Central Aegean recognize those who wish to spend a holiday , explore the depths of history and those who want to find healing from natural sources is going to do in Uttaranchal . Which is one of their favorite Phrygian settlements in Afyon , you can find much more than those described . Enough ask.

Opium partly under the influence of the continental climate . Therefore, the most appropriate time to visit the spring season . Summers are scorching sun that appears at the top , and sometimes can be very dry now . Pushing while winters are cold . Spa tourism in the spring and autumn months livens up . The area is quite quiet in the winter . In the city center , plain and undisguised Anatolian town atmosphere prevails. Snowfall is seen .

Afyon , Antalya, Eskişehir, Kütahya is in the midst of such settlements . These three advanced centers in Afyon is the busiest stretches of highways has led to a lot . Opium 465 km from Istanbul . , 257 km from Afyon- Ankara . , And 288 km from Afyon- Antalya . In this route you can find time many of the major bus companies . Opium of the cities ofIstanbul and Ankara also possible to reach by train . Opium is really a nostalgic place in the train station . Especially if you want to go to spas in Gazlıgöl , you choose to train your job a lot easier. Because there is a station near . Also moving from Istanbul to express really comfortable and affordable. There’s also a small airport in Afyon . But the main air transport , Suleyman Demirel Airport is carried out .

Region Local Transportation
Afyon connected to municipal transportation vehicles and vans filled with employees as are provided. You can also find spas moving vehicles from the bus station . A portion of the hot springs in Uttaranchal not close .

Things to Do
There are many historic center of opium worth seeing . Archaeological sites is one of them . Dinar, Emirdag , İhsaniye archaeological sites sheds light on certain periods . In İhsaniye tombs, rock placement , the Byzantine churches remaining quite interesting. Opium “a maximum half-hour away from the these ruins without seeing it would not pass . Seydiler Located in the town , the Byzantine era ruins , history anyone interested attracts attention . Kale, the acropolis and the remains of the church can be seen. Course , this area some care needs. Especially the way about . Tea and Sultandağı Caravanserai Caravanserai, the Seljuks from ” stuck . Of the busiest trade routes in the region at that time if they were on . Turkish-Islamic architecture in the region, reflecting the many fountains , and the mosque complex . History of the Hittites, you owe it to Afyon Castle . Subsequently other civilizations have used this castle and restored . The Seljuks gave a special importance to the castle , and here they had restored to a prominent architect . The Anatolian mother goddess Cybele Kales’n abundance of opium , which can kaşılaşıy with statues dedicated to . Obviously, Cybele called out to him the people’s voice heard and Opium ” from nature’s beauty and power of any missing did not . Afyon spas, in particular a reason to visit . Facility with are supported . Opium center 22 km. Away Gazlıgöl Springs, 70 km . Away Hüdai Springs, 25 km . away from the Veterans Springs, 20 km . away to Omar and G Springs, Turkey ” of spa tourism in major destinations . There also is not another miracle of nature . Largest in the region of Phrygia called fairy chimneys and rocks in interesting ways, who astonishes . Entirely a product of nature , the result of an interesting geological structure of the rock face in a similar way to humans and animals emerged . Kurtini in the region , such as Insua ‘s many caves . But yet many of them on the views and therefore can not be visited . Some of these caves is known for water resources in their environment . Another place to be seen in Afyon Afyon Archaeological Museum . Important residues extracted from the surrounding ruins are on display here .

Wining and Dining
Afyon cream , Turkish delight, a city with specialties such as sausages . Pidecisi kebab shop in the town center and advise you not to . Eggplant fritters , Afyon of cuisine delicacy . Bread pudding with clotted cream , so tempting people to bozdurt diets . Opium ” in the morning at breakfast in the field of egg with sausage eating and slender glasses tea drinking pleasure one another . Grown in the region made ​​from fruits jams should try it . Archaeological sites near towns, at very reasonable prices yourself a real can feast . Dinar ” in Aphemi restaurant, this scrumptious and humble one of the restaurants . Every year 15 to 20 July ” that made ​​the tea , let’s add in the district Cherry Festival .

Uttaranchal , with the simplicity of a city winning personality . Therefore, here , it may not find the giant windows of shops and glory . Opium ” from loved ones as a gift that you can take things in region-specific food tops . Spas in parts of nature, the treatment of strength to read stunning books you can find . Emirdag ” the region will remind designed gift shops you can find . Lace and hand-woven carpets, drapes and adds a new style to your home , as well as opium “s always reminds you of crafts .

Opium ” night life not very mobile . Uttaranchal , is actually a resort . Olsen though , a vibrant night life marathon ahead where energy can collect . Spring and summer tea gardens, cafes popular. Springs and near facilities in the evenings for the programs you can find . Ocakbaşı lovers Afyon ” flour can find affordable places to enjoy in the center . I like Cafe cafes, especially for the evening can be characterized as dinlenebileceğinz places .

Outdoor Sports
Interesting geological structure, mineral resources become an important center of the opium wealth brings . Lakes and plateaus, amongst nature , immediately attracts those who want to spend a quiet holiday himself. Near the center, as Kalecik highlands, especially in spring and summer , flowers and wooded areas worth seeing . These regions are suitable for long and enjoyable hiking . If Eber lakes in the district of Tea Tea and shelter for various bird species . Freshwater fishing in the area is done. Single increasingly dry and polluted Lake Eber , waiting for help. On your next visit , Ebere left in a worse situation than you can find .

Opium ” and government health agencies have also , as well as private organizations . But opium ” when you think of health , the first from the hot springs. Thermal Gazlıgöl rheumatic diseases, respiratory disorders, nervous disorders, digestive disorders , such as his preferred place of those complaints . Omer Thermal rheumatic diseases , fractures and recommend to those who suffer from metabolic disorders . Heybeli Springs “s skin diseases and respiratory disorders are said to be good . Hüdai Springs ” is done in the mud bath . This bathroom , heart and vascular occlusion has been shown to be good for the digestive disorders . Hot Gacek the rheumatic diseases, metabolic disorders and recommend to suffering from gynecological disorders .


Isparta, Kütahya, Eskişehir, Denizli

Months compared to the average lowest and highest temperatures ( ° C)
January: -5 / -1 February: -3 / 4 March: 2/12
April : 6/ 17 May : 8/ 21 June : 12/26
July: 14/29 August: 16/33 September: 10/25
October: 7 /9 November : 2/10 Range: 0 / 7

Omar and Gacek Thermal Tourism Center

» Location: Afyon plains northwest of Afyon- Kütahya is located on the edge of the highway .
» Transportation: It is 15 km from the center of the province of Afyon . At present, the nearest airport , 150 km. distance from the airport can be exploited in Isparta .
» Water temperature : 51-98 degrees ranged
» PH Value: 6.5 -7.3
» Features: Chemical classification according to the chloride (59% milival ) . Bicarbonate (20 milival ) , sodium (78% milival ) , bars ( 4.9 mg / l) , arsenic ( l/15 mg / l.) , Carbon dioxide ( 423.1 mg / l.) Thermal waters are classified . Also, metoborik acid ( 24.7 mg / l. ) , Fluoride (4.32 mg / l. ) And boron ( 10 mg / l. ) Is from thermal waters containing .
» Treatment Diaesses rheumatic , skin, heart and blood circulation , digestion, joint and arthritis , liver, gall bladder, eating disorders, nervous disorders and gynecological problems. In addition, the thermal waters in cooling drinking cure , because it contains CO2 gas inhalation ( breathing) is used in curing .
»Accommodation : Oruçoğlu Thermal Resort ( 4 stars) ( 214 rooms and 428 beds ); Omer Thermal Municipalities reg (315 beds ) Thermal Gacek ; ( 130 beds )

Gazlıgöl Thermal Tourism Center

» Location: Afyon -Eskişehir highway and rail routes is over .
» Transportation: Opium is 22 km away from the city center . At present, the nearest airport , 150 km. distance from the airport can be exploited in Isparta .
» Water temperature : 40-71 degrees varies .
» PH Value: 6-7.5
» Features: Chemical classification in terms of bicarbonate (92.8% milival ) , sodium ( 88.99 milival ) , hydrogen sulphide (3.75 mg / l.) And carbon dioxide (360 mg / l.) Thermal water enters into the group . In terms of physical classification hypothermal ( 64oc ) , hypotonic (111 milival / l.) Is a thermal water also 47.79 mg / l. metaboric acid.
» Treatment Diaesses : Rheumatic heart and circulatory system, kidneys and urinary tract , liver and gall bladder, digestive system, metabolic disorders , bone and calcification and skin diseases .
» Accommodation: Gazligol Thermal Plant ( 240 beds )

Hüdai Thermal Tourism Center

» Location: 6 km from Afyon- Antalya highway routes . Spa facilities , which are located away Hüdai has the appearance of a thermal village .
»Transportation : Wooden 7 km from the town center . and 66 km from Afyon . At present, the nearest airport , 150 km. distance from the airport can be exploited in Isparta .
» Water temperature : 70 degrees
» PH value: 6.3 – 6.9 Features: Thermal waters ” sodium , calcium sulfate, bicarbonate thermal waters ” are in a class . These waters as well as 4 mg / l. fluoride, 332 mg / l. comprises carbon dioxide has radioactive properties .
» Treatment Diaesses : Rheumatic diseases, pain syndromes , heart and circulatory diseases , joint – arthritis disorders , nerve and muscle fatigue , nervous disorders, gynecological disorders.
» Accommodation Facilities : Spa hotels , Operating License ( 32 rooms and 64 beds ) New Thermal Hotel , ( 132 rooms and 264 beds )

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