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General Information
” Under the snow waltz ”

Western Black Sea and the Marmara region in the area of the intersection is bound to Bolu Abant about 35 km away from the scene in a postcard with excellence affects people . Throughout our childhood we have heard the name of pine, beech and acorn trees , surrounded by Abant Lake is a natural phenomenon . Winter is here started off with a romantic and most beautiful face in front of people . Those who wish to return to childhood , a spring must live here … Rich nature , open your inside air and environmentally conscious people Abant cheerful , though not necessarily on a weekend you need to live somewhere .
Do not go in Abant , especially for a season or not have to wait months . The beauty in all seasons here and you can enjoy watching a rainbow of colors . But actually belongs to Abant winter seasons . All lake and the surrounding forest and mountains covered with white when your eyes are dazzled . Frozen in the middle , remains a gray lake . Everything turns into a fairy tale , or a cartoon winter scene . This innocent enthusiasm and a lot of creepy romance leaves in the spring . Colorful trees, a lake covered with water lilies you are birerb to wake up from hibernation . Revel in the joy of nature in the colors of the flowers on the trees you can feel . Abant is the busiest period of the visitors the period between April and June is .
By bus from Istanbul do not have direct access to the Abant , Bolu Indirect have to make a trip . If you go to your vehicle with round or private , director of the county road when going to the center of the Bolu 6 kilometer from the junction opposite the Petroleum Office (Abant sign there ) should deviate in Abant . With the director about 25 km from Abant . Abant alright , after ” Abant National Park”, a sign that welcomes you . Abant road asphalt , but usually there are some places damaged area . Mountain road surrounded by outstanding scenery , especially in the spring . Abant Mudurnu way when you exit your face old backs saddlebag with a florist surprised if the live in the mountains , this uncle from time to time in this way, the fountain ‘s head descending from the mountains amassed crocus and ferrets to tourists by selling makes a living .
Region Local Transportation
Abant Abant all of the villages are moving minibus . Abant that input is also often made ​​in the hitch can witness . But in this way , you do not move more independently suggest that you opt for the private car .
Abant , the area came under the rule of various civilizations throughout history have . Hittite and Roman and Byzantine rule in the region after Bitinyalılar have been seen . Abant environment , more undiscovered Byzantine period . The area between the mountains , secluded life has continued as a residential center . Bol was respected as the center of the Orthodox religion . Bolu diminished the importance of the Ottoman era , but rather increased . Which are subject to the saga , bravery and love stories entwine has become a place where . Abant is no wonder if the development period of the Republic . The surrounding industrial centers and big cities if transformed into a haven for people fleeing . Touted as a recreation center before Abant Yesilçam films in the 1970s as one of the famous romantic places often reflected on the big screen .
Things to Do
To stroll around the lake , stunning views across a drink or meal, Abant carriage ride to the surprise of those who doubt in the mind of every visitor .
But while you’re in Abant lake, as well as the environment , you should definitely visit the surrounding villages . People in their home villages in the mountain villages where the temperature of the springs is laugh in your face . Comline really worth a visit , especially the village , the recognition value. Village people here is how friendly the people an indication of . Moreover Çomlu writers and painters may encounter . Wood and daub , a small village coffeehouse should see their homes and villages . Comrie and construction in the neighboring villages , recently stopped by the Ministry of Forests because of growing betonarmeleş .

This is a very convenient place for a paraglider . From Istanbul all the equipment and trainers of various companies is available. If you dare , after a short training also can try paragliding . Paragliding is made of one large ( TRT transmitter which there), one of the two smaller hills. Also mountain biking enthusiasts are required to maintain the Abant is one of the ways . Besides, you can join daily tours for trekking in your hand you can walk independently with a road map .

If you wish to holiday alone in Abant exit point . Here ‘s a place so serene as your kids will be bored here Abant may remove the child’s voice . This romance must live alone or with your partner . Hotels in and around the lake, children ‘s play area on site but here is of course possible to find the write poetry or novels , take a photo or photos of inspiration when it comes to ” I wish I had not children ,” he can think of.
Wining and Dining
There are many restaurants and cafes around the lake Abant 5-6 . Overall barbecued – meat, trout restaurants where you can eat them . Also sold in the bazaar of the Abant peoples must taste the fruit pulp . Handmade butter, homemade noodles and varieties of pulses in the event of a treasure trove for lovers of natural nutrition …
Abant Abant Natural Park, located at the entrance of the local foods are sold in the market generally . Other attractions in the area where you will not find such shops . Shopping boasting only limited to this . While there was lots of bench weekday weekend with the participation of the village people are finding the number of looms 40 . Also in Gölbaşı camping and tent material with a shop you’ll find it’s also a small buffet .
Abant located around the hotel ‘s night life is limited . Turban hotel bar is ideal for those who want to spend a romantic night ..
Outdoor Sports
Abant a very convenient area to paragliding … Which is one of the places preferred by professional paraglider paragliding in Abant if you wish, you may also receive lessons . If you are coming with your car do you bring your bike with you , we say. Will be very enjoyable cycling tour around the lake . For those who love horse riding horse ‘s like renting an alternative . If you are one of those who do not know horse riding , do not worry. The villagers will guide you . Lake trout fishing in the fee you are allowed. Possible land hunting … If you prefer less well than something exciting bowling tournament in Abant Palace Hotel can attend . The hotel’s bar , ideal for relaxing after the tournament …
Abant need to be considered in health is the most important thing in the cool mountain air . Increasing as you go higher against the wind, need to be prepared . We also need the land is too hilly for walking both on bike rides must be too careful . Hotels in Abant ambulances and medical equipment is also available.

Pond, Kartalkaya , Bolu Seven Lakes .

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