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Akçakoca Map

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General Information
“Nuts garden table with a framed ”

Akçakoca the Western Black Sea region , in the province of Düzce , pristine beaches , lush garden of nuts a famous holiday destination. Ankara, Istanbul and Kocaeli, a few hours away from the big cities like Akcakoca, especially on weekends in the spring and summer vacationers captivates . Those who go and they know one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world can be experienced here . A page of history that illuminates the Genoese Castle, magnificent nature with rich flora , folklore , with its own unique dishes and taste Akcakoca especially ideal for those looking for a place to relax .

Once connected to the Akcakoca Bolu , Düzce province that later counted a part of . In fact Akcakoca and Duzce people close to each other . Düzce – Akcakoca of ereğli travelers too. Ereğli center of the region’s largest istihta in Iron and Steel Plant AKÇAKOCA in some of the employees were ensconced in retirement . AKÇAKOCA developing tourism opportunities over the years , both locals and foreign visitors will be happy level .
Four seasons of visitors who belongs to AKÇAKOCA print seasons . Summer , especially on the weekends a dense crowd with Akcakoca blue flag beaches , a variety of diseases , especially bone diseases to be good healing waters , enjoy the sea to live in safety that allows you shallow waters is a tourist resort . Those looking for a quiet place in winter , in summer different for those who want to spend a summer vacation in the nature of an opportunity Akcakoca .
AKÇAKOCA rest of the major cities of highway transportation is convenient . Locating it is on a major bus company for many of AKÇAKOCA ‘s expeditions . If you are driving your own car from the city in which you go, the D- 100 highway to reach AKÇAKOCA , Düzce after tourniquet Akcakoca written sign that you come across will enter the path to AKÇAKOCA . Thereafter the remaining approximately 40 km long road , I get that beech, hornbeam and linden trees will barely notice of .
Region Local Transportation
Akçakoca from the bus station to the village minibuses are continuous service . In about fifteen minutes , you can reach the nearest village .
In the early years of the Ottoman Empire , Osman Gazi arms of this region , which is managed by Mr. Akcakoca , Byzantines Akcasar name given to this region , as amended. After many years used as Akcasar after the proclamation of the Republic – evil as the city has started to use as changing the subarea .

Besides Akcakoca of the city when it was founded exactly known, but many civilizations that lived here known with certainty . BC In the years around 300 ‘ while validating the Persians lived , in the Hellenistic era ” Niapolis referred to as” the destruction of the city by order of the Roman consul is known that decision .

AKÇAKOCA has become a symbol of the Genoese fortress known as the Citadel of the city when it is referred to as Niapolis made ​​by Greek immigrants . Here the first settlements of Turkish Seljuks of Anatolia in 1085’l around Iznik began with the establishment of a principality .

AKÇAKOCA is a tourist’s paradise here at the beginning of the 1950s, reinforced by officials appointed expression , showing rapid development since then, the holiday has become the center of the western Black Sea .
Things to Do
First date should take a look at the architecture of Akcakoca home . Cayagizi rest on the side of the Black Sea Ereğlisi Kumlupın Beach for those who want to enjoy the fine sand beach is not the place to do . AKÇAKOCA 3 km west of the Genoese Castle occupies a unique view of today welcomes visitors as a picnic area . Another picnic area is a place called Cumayeri . Possible to see ancient ruins under the plane trees . Another is the place to be seen Aktas Falls, the waterfall is located at the highest point of the city is 9 km if you go with your car if you are walking a 10 minute walk from the shortcut can be found in the results .

AKÇAKOCA one of the most visited places with Fakilli Cave in the village is also Fakilli . A long shaft of children in the surrounding villages -guided cave stalactites and stalagmites also entered in the places you will encounter will surprise you with gai . Akçakoca and lodges within the boundaries of the tomb may be seen .
Wining and Dining
Akçakoca terms of dining offers you a variety of choices . Pidecisi found here from all over the county’s Black Sea pide or pita AKÇAKOCA specific mancarl can eat that delicious . Mackerel and anchovy fish sees the demand . Anchovy other AKÇAKOCA a specific food corn bread . Other than that produced trout for alabalıksev facilities and restaurants are also available. In addition, hand ravioli , as well as in the case of many of the region’s main food AKÇAKOCA also a favorite of pancakes … They should be tasted outside of the güllaç and melengüçceg . Of course you should not forget the nuts .
Akçakoca also for a settlement to be able to come across many markets . While you’re up to this area of chestnut honey to taste , and do not forget to purchase for their loved ones .
Akçakoca not have a very lively nightlife . This recreational area more appealing to tourists . However mobilized on the beaches in the summer discos and bars of various sizes is also possible to come across …
Outdoor Sports
Akcakoca organized trekking tours and trekking enthusiasts with the rocky road made ​​between the case of a paradise … For those who want to do mountain biking with suitable conditions for hunting enthusiasts … Melen River rafting enthusiasts as a place frequently visited ideal for those who want to fish …
Karen akçakoca more unexpected because of climate exposed to rain and higher elevations should be prepared for sudden winds . States in the region, an on-site health centers, private clinics and pharmacies also serves numerous .

Bolu Abant -Sapanca , Masukiye .

Province of Duzce
Holidays with Children
AKÇAKOCA on the road to the Black Sea Ereğlisi Beach Cayagizi children safely in shallow water with fairly good place to catch up with .

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