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Aspendos Map

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General Information
“Every stone has a trail ”

Antalya ” of 48 km . East Side ” to 38 km away from the Aspendos Ancient ” was established in an ancient city , and today the town of Serik connected to Belkis Kadri within the boundaries . Belkis Bridge, Akua , we Aspendos Theater, Basilica Agora region’s sight- unseen overtaken resp should not be places . those who remained until today regarded as the best preserved ancient theater of Aspendos still unsolved mystery , with a perfect acoustic .
Just as environmental towns , the tourist season in Aspendos fifteen opens in April , continues until November . The stillness of winter the region . Transport and accommodation facilities in terms of redundancy , the best period from November to April …
Every ten minutes from Antalya to Kemer Bus Station can be found in vehicles . Very twisty road parallel to the shore where the scenery is very beautiful , but drivers need to be very careful . Belt extending the roads are quite dark at night . If you are not , especially during the tourist season , you have to be very careful in this way . Because the road is very secluded and dark. Antalya from Kemer – Finike road using the Aegean , Burdur from the direction of the E-5 highway in Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara can go.

With a moving boat from the port of Antalya to Kemer able to achieve . Or you can get in this area with tours . Nearby towns in these regions of the boat tours are organized. Those who prefer air transportation from Antalya International Airport which is the closest area using . Belt … Belt within 1 hour from the airport and numerous car rental agencies have , especially jeep rentals are very common …
The city of Aspendos , 2500 years ago, founded by the Greeks from Argos . Deployed to the Pamphylia region of Anatolia . Persia, Athens , Alexander the Great , Kingdom of Pergamon after their dominance , linked to the Roman Empire . Roman and Byzantine ruins in the area more are found. Among the most important person in the history of Aspendos , the philosopher Diodoros Pythogoras from the school ‘s philosophy . Kent, long wine-making , olive oil makes a living by trading have . Horse breeding was famous in the whole Mediterranean world . Once upon a time the Mediterranean’s most wanted horses, if grown in this region
Things to Do
The most important feature of Aspendos Theatre with a capacity of 15,000 people , durability . Region has seen many earthquakes , but always survived Aspendos theater with amazing architecture .

Aspendos Theater, the Roman theater bears the characteristics . On the side of the main entrance , which sits one of the city lodges are the elite . Top row of auditorium consisting of 58 columns and arch is surrounded by a gallery . All I’m auditor bottom 21 , top 20, with a total of 41 rows . Emperor Antoninus Pius ( 138-164 ) period , local architects and two brothers Curtius Xenon Chrispinus and built by Curtius Auspicatus this theater, with acoustics is attracting interest . You yourself can even test . Theatre on the top step of the stage exit and travel friends send , please ask them to speak in a low voice . If you are around a lot of noise , you can hear what they were talking comfortably . Tourists who visit Aspendos carved love this game .

Aspendos also produced a legend . According to a rumor that people believe in the locality ; Antoninus Pius had a beautiful daughter , two architects were very much in love with this girl . Given an assignment to both Antoninus Pius , whichever works best if they put a nice and helpful , she ‘s going to marry him . Belkis an architect to build akuadük have brought water to the other in the theater . Very taken aback by the beauty of nature and unstable rulers have stayed . Daughter wanted to böldür in half . Akuadük architect who the girl he loves more deeply , immediately objected to this division , ” your daughter in marriage to the architect of that theater , Your Highness ,” he said.

Aspendos Theater welcomes today many famous musicians . Every year between June 10 to 20 in Antalya , Aspendos Opera and Ballet Festival is being held . The locals follower of this festival …

Theatre, neglected and herbs until the 1930s were in for . Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, who visited the site , as a manager sensitive to the cultural treasures of the theater taken care of immediately and asked him to become available . Aspendos Theatre in the Museum has photographs of before 1930 , this historic building in these photos once that you can see how neglected . So, Aspendos owe Atatürk ‘s current state of well-maintained . Aspendos Theatre Museum , a very small place , with the understanding that in the era articles on theater , actor pictures, the theater ‘s various photos .

Located in the south – Agora Basilica of the ancient theater in the grass , are seen in a very ruined . Wandering around the back of the theater , you need to walk on the path upward . Although up to 200 meters , a grueling road due to weeds and thorns . Moreover, along the path , you can encounter a variety of marble ruins , ie date under your feet . Up the hill , the gymnasium, and the ruins of baths , fountains would come across the ruins . Located in the northern part of the agora, only the front part of the fountain can be seen today . The city council immediately north west of the remains of the building . There are no sheets explaining the ruins of the Agora . Therefore you need to look carefully at each location . Lily of the valley flowers, wild daisies that cover the east of the old town ‘s necropolis . Excavations in this area is carried out by Antalya Museum .

225 meters in length Belkis Bridge, formerly known as Eurymedon founded on Köprüçay . Romans on the ruins of his bridge Keykubat Anatolian Seljuk Empire period (1219-1236) than a bridge was built . 1996-1998 in the restored historic ruins of the vehicles passing through , but then the damage covered grounds . Today, vehicles can not go on the bridge .

Belkis village of Akuadükü period of Antoninus Pius , the theater is thought to be simultaneous . A narrow passage up the middle of the aqueduct exits. Up the gorge, narrow and dark staircase , covered with whirling top portion is reached. To go up some stairs to climb and need to reach the throttle . Devastated a large part of the belt , but when you scroll to the east of the Byzantine period, you can see the rest of the pipes .
Wining and Dining
In Kadriye more rustic restaurants and café ‘s cute . Akuadük a small village right next to the coffee there , you can sip your tea apples sit in the open air .

Near Aspendos Theater Theatre Cafe-Restaurant with reasonable prices konaklayıp domestic visitors can relax at the venue … Kadriye Aspendos Restaurant Mediterranean cuisine and enticing a mile ahead . Garden ( Garden) Restaurant meat and fish dishes …
Shopping centers in the region , shaped as a very large store . Belek can be considered a separate centers do not count those in places like shopping centers and only in Kadri, considering the plain -looking Kadri Market and near the village of Belkis , we can mention the giant center .

Belkis Bridge in the immediate vicinity of a branch of the famous Bazaar ‘s 54 stores . Spread over 6000 square meters , this giant plant was opened in 1994 . Bazaar 54 There is also a collection called Aspendos . 14 carat bracelets between $ 100-150 … In this plant , not just well , hand-made souvenirs and carpets are sold. Net Diamond Center , the region’s major centers of well .. Belkis Leder Fabrik also sells leather clothing and accessories .

Also next to the historic ruins , especially in the village of Belkis peasant women selling handmade , eye-straining bead charms, evil eye beads might be interested .
The most vibrant nightlife in the town of Belek . Belkis – Kadriye small cafes , country restaurants are open until late at night . Serik also interesting side dishes you can find small taverns .
Outdoor Sports
In the region, mountaineering, trekking, sports such as hunting are common. Mountain roads are among the ideal places for jeep safari . If you are interested in water sports , you have to go to neighboring towns . Koprulu Canyon are a true paradise for raftingsev .
Health and Belek Serik on the nearest center . These two counties have health centers and private doctors’ offices . That Belkis – Kadri for a small place , you have no choice about health services and much more . 5 star hotels in the area major accommodation centers and resorts … This center also has private health services .
Belek, Serik, Perge, Side, Manavgat
Holidays with Children
Child-friendly , especially at the outlet may have difficulties Agora Basilica . Lack of public toilets and the poor state of the roads , which can disturb children . Nearby hotels, especially in the advanced facility in Belek , Altis Golf Hotel and Club Asteria is given in the babysitting service .

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