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General Information
” The story of love and smiles , Bodrum … ”

In the province of Mugla Bodrum peninsula , is located along the southwestern coast of Anatolia . Gulluk Gulf on one side , one side overlooking Gokova Bodrum, history, natural beauty and vibrant way of life and peaceful , as well as the first address for those who want to experience a fun vacation .

At first sight of those who lost their hearts so many years that the basement was the source of inspiration for writers and artists . One of them is the name synonymous with Bodrum , Bodrum has become the symbol of the famous writer Cevat Sakir Kabaagacli , aka Fisherman of Halicarnassus . Bodrum lover Fisherman of Halicarnassus in the words , ” Think not come out like you ‘re going ; those before you that’s the way they were. Minds always in the basement left went . ” Breathe the air that many people can not give up the basement , moving at night and bright sun with a must-see place to be .
Although winter, cool with the wind , though, managed to attract tourists all year round is one of the centers in the basement. A lively place twelve months of the year . Domestic tourism , Christmas, livens occasions like holidays . A wind chill of winter, people , place , type a sweet coolness that prevent the parched leaves.
Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir and Bodrum from major centers like almost every bus company doing time . Bus companies in this direction, especially during the summer , which are stepping up the number of flights according to demand . Of Istanbul close to you and if you go to this beautiful city with a private car , go to the basement , you can use the Izmir-Aydin highway . Also the shortest and most comfortable way to the basement , so it can be accessed by air . Several agencies are organizing expeditions to the basement , but because demand is so intense , It is important to book early . To reach from the airport to Bodrum from Milas-Bodrum can use bus services . Takes about an hour from Milas-Bodrum . If you do not find in Bodrum Airport , Dalaman Airport, which is located more chances you can also try . Meanwhile there ‘s a long way . But some private minibuses going from Bodrum to Dalaman , affordable and you can grow rapidly at the airport .
Region Local Transportation
Located in the center of Bodrum bus station every 15 minutes through the basement with a minibus transportation is provided to and Around . Türkbükü , Yalikavak, Bodrum , Turgutreis, Bitez, Gundogan, Bodrum Ortakent and mutually minibus routes run from the center . Except in transportation within the basement minibus taxis in front of the mosque at the center you can also use .
Herodotus , according to ” the basement , with the original name by the Dorians in 1000 BC at Halicarnassus , today’s Bodrum Castle ” is located as an island where is installed. The most brilliant periods , Bodrum ” Karya ” Mousolos period that makes the capital of BC 4000 ” in the years to live . World’s seven wonders , one of Artemisia Temple project fomented Mousolos ” s life this great work finished seeing is not enough , and his wife – also having a sister II. Artemisia construction continues . However, he died before seeing the finished temple will . Architects and artists making their resources to continue in the direction , and the 34 -column , Ionian-style reveal the magnificent temples . At the top the Mousolos and Artemisia ” the marble statues are . 334 BC by Alexander the Great seized by the city during his reign after many civilizations came under the rule is . Ottoman ” or joining the Ottoman Sultan Suleyman residing here Menteshe of ” Ottoman Empire ” na begins with the binding . Now, Turkey “s first underwater museum is located in the castle of Sultan Mehmet Celebi in the year 1402 ” with permission of the Knights of Saint Jean is made by.
Things to Do
Basement, with a rich history and historical monuments are spread all over . Halicarnassus, Bodrum Castle , and my MOUSEL ( funerary monument for Mauselos ) are the most commonly visited . Castles ‘ spectacular wreck in the exhibition should not be missed .

Located near Miletus, Didyma and Priene cities, Bodrum is recommended if you are staying for a while . Miletus ‘ e B went northward from the turn of the road and can be accessed by following the signs . Priene, at the foot of the mountains , Miletus ‘ is a great base from which can be seen . Although there is not a single city is Didim , Miletus people’s sacred place , which is famous for giant-sized Temple of Apollo .

To Bodrum Another indispensable feature of the Gulet and yacht tours . Day , which may be several days or even a week in these tours , Mediterranean classic is held by foreigners, too .
Wining and Dining
Some of the indispensable and entertainment Bodrum town is not just sea and sun , of course. Bodrum is a port city on the date which is today a tourist paradise. Bodrum from each other famous and high quality restaurants. Bodrum “s finest restaurants are one of the ” Little Italy “restaurant of the famous American and Italian-style pizzas do try . Chinese food if you enjoy ” Chinese Restaurant ” is for you. Warm dishes and grilled varieties like those the ” Olive Branch Restaurant ” s delicious grilled varieties do attempts recommend . bus station near ” secret Garden” two British partner started fusion cuisine delicious samples served in the garden restaurant. Again in the vicinity another secret address the ” Epsilon .” at the same time as a gallery serving in this restaurant , you sea börülcel pie advice I would .
The deep blue sea , a fun nightlife and shopping to repletion . What else can you want ? Bodrum literally a shopper’s paradise . In the narrow streets of the most famous tourist hunting Mehmet hook the carpet . Pottery exchange the basement ” s 100 km. Later found Kavaklıdere from the village recommend performing . Aside from that leather outfit , summer sandals, pipes, hookahs and , of course, evil eye beads Bodrum Sunday ‘s indispensable among . Bodrum ” ‘s icon has become one of Peters Dalyanci View painter , Bar Street in ” shop from bypassing the . herein fish, raki bottle and half a lemon figures used hundreds of works of art you’ll see . Oasis shopping center, various foreign clothing brands where a large shopping center .
One of the first things that come to mind when you think of Bodrum nightlife is without a doubt . The world around the basement ” s nightlife and the famous bar street here to see the years flocked tourists come . Every kind of taste in music and all kinds of tastes that will appeal to clubs and bars where the basement” night life of the great feature on most nights of space on the beach , that ‘s even on the beach . Most Popular attractions in Bodrum ” ‘s oldest venues , one of Hadigari comes first ; castle and the sea with views of the dining or dancing options offer this space outside the famous Cuban Bar ” s promise not pass got to . In general, Latin tunes outweigh Cuba ” s decoration typical Bodrum architecture stands out . Entertainment venue a few famous names give more if necessary , clubbing ” skin for those who like M & M , Latin music and the latest pop songs accompanied by different animations fun watching for those who want Halicarnassus ” I I can recommend .
Outdoor Sports
Almost all of the beautiful bays of Bodrum , very suitable for water sports . In this puts windsurfing , canoeing, water skiing, parasailing , jet-skiing sports such as is commonly done . Especially Akyarlar Bay , wind surfing one of the masters of the place can not give up . Because of the surrounding hills in Akyarlar that trübülans winds , increasing the severity of the sea and from land to sea works most of the time . Suitable for wind surfing with Turgut Reis is one of the preferred destinations .

Bodrum yachting and sailing are also widely held sports . Yacht ; basement ” from Kas , there Belt Setu Marina extending along the coastline an extremely pleasant blue can make the trip . Bodrum’s pristine bays and scuba diving are also very ideal. The Aegean Pro Dive Centre organizations such as scuba lovers services to provide . also from major centers such as Istanbul , Bodrum several diving schools also organizes weekend tours . also suitable for trekking areas around Bodrum is located .
Domestic and foreign tourists the most popular of the places in the basement which ” the two special including a total of three health center. Istanbul ” in German Hospital “also is connected to the Universal Health Care Group” , depending on the serving Universal Hospital and Private Bodrum Hospital, attentive and high quality service is remarkable .
Marmaris, Milas , Gokova, Datca
Holidays with Children
The notorious entertainment and nightlife , Turkey ” Bodrum is one of the most popular entertainment centers ” can take advantage of the many opportunities available for families with children . Particularly preferred resorts for families with children , enough to cover the needs of children . Marmara College ” located opposite the Dedeman ” I was the owner of the park outside the city center there is one more aquapark . Shopping enthusiasts Antalya ” which is one of the largest shopping malls Oasis ” also gezerlerk , the children established in a large area to play in the entertainment field can leave with peace of mind .

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