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General Information
” Whether the people of God he created Bozcaada have long-lasting ”

Famous for its grapes and wine in Bozcaada, Turkey is not the only district of the village … Population of only 2,543 . It’s getting crowded in the summer , of course … This charming island in the northeast of the Aegean Sea , with residential areas surrounding small islets, and is gaining more importance day by day . Interestingly, the geography of a place with a lifetime worth living , a life passed in this island . The friendly folks just interested in its own peculiar terminology . If you do not recognize someone walking down the road in Bozcaada you ‘ Yep ‘ he says, you do it ‘ Yep ‘ I give money . Because of the magic of this island greeting words … Bozcaada impossible for you to stay as a tourist for a long time ; adapts to just about here , you can socialize with people . Sea conquers you . Your soul on the shore, the waves can be cleaned with wriggling . To defecate , to discover yourself , to awaken your inner creativity is facilitated here …
Mediterranean climate in Bozcaada … Of course , the island’s geographical structure and location have led to some differences . For example, very high humidity . At full output due to the presence of the Dardanelles during the winter months is very wind . Soaking in a strong wind works of man . Bozcaada, attracts the most visitors in the spring and summer months . During periods of sea transport easier , many visitors to the island is undergoing . Come for weekend trips in the spring months in the majority.
As well as easy access to Bozcaada a little uneasy . Whether by bus or private vehicle , go to the sea, you have to take the ferry times to secure . Theres a bus ticket when you need to specify this situation . Tonight’s the last time you bought tickets in Ezine would like 7:00 in the morning , so you can keep up to 10:00 in the morning ferry . Here the picture is not very rich private ferry operations have to meet their ferry . Bozcaada way to go before you should check the ferry to do . According to the weather conditions , especially during the winter months can be a disruption in ferry .

To travel by bus , from all regions of Turkey , before access to the Dardanelles , to ride from there to fly the shortest route minibus Ezine … Direct flights from Istanbul and Izmir regulate firms have to Bozcaada . Again the night to go to the island by means of these firms in the most recent time that you need to purchase tickets should repeat it again .

If you are going with your own vehicle to Bozcaada , Çanakkale- Izmir road in the direction of the road to take the Taştepe . Cement Factory ” has passed after about 45 minutes the deer ” lie will get . Geyikli ” If you continue without entering the Pier Place will load after about 2 miles . Geyikli load from the wharf to the island by ferry Bozcaada’d are approximately forty-five minutes .
Myth is interwoven with the history of the island . Thenedos the case in which the former name of Bozcaada … Thenes grandson , the son of Poseidon, god of the sea , his stepmother suffered persecution and confinement to a crate has been released into the sea . Chest has washed ashore in Bozcaada , the young crown prince came and settled on the island .

The first settlement in the region BC It is believed that based on the year 3000 . The island has prospered as an Ionian city . Hellenistic agora and necropolis finds with the rest of the underwater removed Canakkale Archaeological Museum are on display in various sarcophagi . After the Persian invasion island through difficult times , the advent of sea trade again gained importance in the period . Genovese and Byzantine forces , who fought for this island . Fatih Sultan Mehmet, the candidate has received from the Venetians . Since then, Turkish settlement in the region began .

In the majority of Greeks who lived on the island for a long time . Many buildings from this period , as examples of typical Aegean architecture is worth seeing. The intersection of culture become , and özgünleş have led to significant regional features . Now, in the province of Canakkale Bozcaada many historic buildings , is being held under guard .
Things to Do
Areas that will not be counted as a much bigger Bozcaada can give all the beauty of nature and history have taken . Greek houses as well as … Clean sea , the deep blue with utmost beauty and dizzy . Cross , Lagar , Port , Bowl, Ayana , Mills, Holy Spring, to Kocatarl , Sulubahce , romantic coves Poyrazlar meeting point at the same time … Its endless beaches surrounds this small island .

Ayaz summer months the beach is very lively , very moving. Bozcaada Festival, which echoed the traditions of Western Anatolia -Helene is done in Ayazma Beach . This beach has a secret of holiness . The gardens are in bloom in the spring . Large areas of the island’s famed vineyards of grapes are grown. Epic been the subject of almost every civilization on the island, there ‘s a trail . Most of the rest of the Roman period in Çanakkale now in the museum … The Venetian period , then restored Bozcaada Castle defies year . Inside the castle there an open-air museum . A church back from the Venetian period and have stayed in wine cellars and wineries . If the day falls on a Sunday , you may be staying at a ceremony in the church . Bozcaada Bozcaada Wine Factory ‘s famous wines are produced, as the pride of the region is rising.

Alaybey Turkish settlement made ​​after the Koprulu Mehmet Pasa Mosque and Church of the historic landmarks of the island .
Small islets around the island , rent a boat from the harbor able to visit .
Wining and Dining
In Bozcaada fresh seafood … especially in the fall in demand , the taste of the fish does not get tired . Sea bass, snapper , bream, mackerel, bluefish types of fish that often . You can find a full seafood restaurant in the harbor . Here in butter shrimp or octopus salad able to eat . Lobster and squid are also a taste here . Adorn with their own sauce cooks . Bozcaada’s harbor as the sun sets in the evening, not to mention stunning views …

Here you can also come across various artists . Aegean Hotel , Hotel Thenes parts of facilities such as restaurants unique to the region , you can taste seafood cooked with sauce . Be sure to taste the island’s original wine . Sergeant grapes , the climate here is a miracle . Vintage carnival in August may attend Ionia can enjoy the fruit of the sacred .

History of the island from the Greek appetizers will attract those interested in the Aegean cuisine . Kulfa of the most famous in the cake . Raki you choose. Assorted meat dishes … Pancakes with minced meat and cheese specialties of cafe …

The island people in homes compotes, jams, fruit syrups are preparing . Fig jam and tomatoes are very tasty. Bozcaada reflects the architecture of the houses in the beautiful Aegean scrumptious smell of food is rising in the evening …
Bozcaada loved ones can take seafood and wine . There are many wine shop in the area . Tulips in the streets selling their manufacturing locations wander suggest wines . Bozcaada souvenir shops and stalls in the bazaar ‘s . Handmade jewelry, especially attracts the attention of young girls . Store a variety of island souvenirs , handmade jewelry, jewelry boxes decorated with sea shells , trinkets are sold. Shops at District and Municipalities in the Republic of store you will find everything you are looking for .
Bozcaada is not very active nightlife . After all , this quaint island area of ​​42 km2 , more favored by those who want to relax in the event of a venue . Near the harbor there are a number of stylish café-bar . Viru Bar Salhane, Bar, Bar Kalinda from popular nightlife … Still in demand in the harbor to have fun in pubs …
Outdoor Sports
Ada, fishing as well as hunting land in the area has many attractive options … Winter rabbit and fox islands islands are rich in wild goose , wild duck , greenfinch , starlings , blackbirds, pigeons winder and captivates . Also on the island plantation of red-legged partridge is made for hunters . Hunting outside is especially perfect for divers with diving spot . While cold water dive spear fishing for those who are entitled to a highly fertile . Marble distracted , especially from the nose , the nose reefs and rocky bottoms of scrumptious recommend you to discover .
Bozcaada must protect the most northeasterly yourself . Over the sea to a açılmama , especially advise you not to drink and never overboard . Bozcaada not have much choice in health care also specify that .
Canakkale, Imbros , Ayvalik, Edremit
Holidays with Children
Bozcaada is an ideal place to vacation with kids . Secure bays, picnic areas and promises you and your family an enjoyable holiday . Children will pull no problem in terms of nutrition , the island’s rich cuisine has many dishes that appeal to them . In addition to the beach and pine in areas where they run and play freely . There is no pollution , no traffic . A haven for children . Can take them fishing , the boat can hover , you can inform about the wealth of nature .

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