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General Information
” Light fell in love with the city of the sea … ”

According to legend, the mythological god Apollo fell in love with the youngest daughter of the king of Phoenicia . Shy and introverted to approach this girl has transformed itself into a puppy . She also won the love of the handsome, emerged as a young man . Couple, children’s names Telmessos ( Land of Light ) has put …

Fethiye Telmessos of a time today, and nature , as well as a magical place with history . Everywhere you a beauty draws you like a magnet . Knight collected from the island of flowers, the clear waters of Ölüdeniz is thrown . Roman ruins, blown dust from the Essenes , the wings of butterflies at Butterfly Valley is transformed into an eye-catching specks . Lycia ‘s eye , a unique tourist center of the 2000s . Sea, Thelmessos love for centuries , with all the purity and beauty of love is not separated from the coast .
Under the influence of the Mediterranean climate in this charming town at the beginning of the summer season starts in May and continues until the end of October . Are seen in the sweltering heat of summer . Therefore, the daytime hours are spent on the beach and the pool of the hotel . March and April awakening nature in spring are great times to observe the terms . In this era of eco-tourism season opens. During the winter months the temperature does not fall below 10 degrees easily . Write temperatures reaching up to 40 degrees . It is possible to swim nine months .
Fethiye highway with easy access . Almost all the major bus companies in the region are doing time . In the summer season the number of these companies is on the rise , the frequency of flights . Between Antalya and Fethiye have an hourly bus . Up to 800 kilometers from Istanbul to Fethiye . This can be a good way to travel in the summer night , hot and traffic is forcing a lot of drivers . Fethiye is 650 kilometers from Ankara . Very frequent bus service from Izmir to Fethiye is held . Moreover, this direction is also possible to come through the seaway . From Fethiye highway , especially 30 to 40 kilometers from the county ‘s natural beauty kamaşıy of the eyes . Tall mountains and typical Mediterranean vegetation extending greets you . Turkish Maritime Lines with the Mediterranean Tours are available to Fethiye . Also during the summer season runs between Fethiye and Rhodes hydrofoil available .
The nearest airport, 55 kilometers from Dalaman Airport .
Region Local Transportation
Fethiye and minibuses provide transportation between the beach . In the summer months you can find a minibus every fifteen minutes . A municipal vehicles there . But more often , because it is vans are preferred. In the evening, Work – Fethiye is getting very crowded minibus . Night of fun at the many people coming and going this route . These vans until the early hours of the morning during the tourist season running. Oludeniz Beach , Calis Beach , Ship Bay, Pumpkin , such as the Gulf of service on the routes there are those attached to hotels . Both by sea , as well as possible from road transport .
In ancient times the ” Land of Light ” that the city was known as Telmessos , the most important settlements of Lycia . BC 5 century became an important city of the Lycian civilization . Persian civilization, the battle for the city has to be made ​​. Which joined the EU after the domination of Persia Delos Fethiye, the city also has won the admiration of Alexander the Great . Alexander the Great’s dominance in the city organizes the feast did not last long . Telmessos respectively Ptolemy dynasty of the Roman Empire , the Byzantine , Menteşeoğulları’nın and finally fell under the rule of the Ottoman Empire in 1424 . Today was brought on behalf of the Republican period . Pilots killed in 1934 in memory of Fethi Bey , the city was given the name Fethiye .
Things to Do
Tell Fethiye place will not end . On the one hand the unique beaches on one side, historical treasures , myths which are the subject Butterfly Valley , itself a destination to be counted , Fethiye ” ‘s 12 kilometers later Oludeniz … Fethiye ” in ancient ruins most of the Lycian and Roman culture is reflected . Thelmessos city theater, the castle ruins of tombs with modern-day Fethiye ” accounted continues in breathing . King Amyntas Amyntas Tomb , which was built to commemorate the 4th century AD ” has remained from today . Situated on the acropolis of the ancient city fortress , the Romans bequeathed to us . Throughout the ages, many civilizations have used this castle and made ​​repairs . Knights of Rhodes Fethiye ” y as a base while using the Roman heritage of the castle also took advantage , even the castle restored left . Fortress behind the snag , when seven kilometers further on a small Greek village ,” Levissi ” ( Rock Village ) would compare. Population exchange of Greeks who lived , Greece ” a emigrated . I have stayed in backward villages . Those who settled in the area long after they are out . Nowadays, this village into the village comes to friendship . In the past proves that it is a cultural center of the region is one of the ancient theater of Thelmessos ” the restoration work continues . 2nd century AD ” also made ​​this theater has the characteristics of Roman architecture . And around Fethiye Lycian tombs and sarcophagi from the period are numerous monuments . Some of the reliefs and inscriptions on the sarcophagus of the deceased ‘s life and tells the family .

Fethiye Museum in ” in the region resulting residue able to see . This museum handicrafts also given wide coverage . Around Fethiye Cadianda ancient city of Xanthos, Letoon , Tilos , Oenanda as important Lycian settlements are . Fethiye” up If you have come here also sure to see . Fethiye ” the boat with the 12 Islands gezmen possible . Morning began with tours until the evening a great sea voyage to exit. Cleopatra Baths Dark Shipyard Island, Network Port, Ekin Bay and Dalyan ” s famous Turtle Beach Boat tours sightseeing that location .

Fethiye ” the most beautiful bays is one of the Valley of the Butterflies , former originality koruyamy but still worth seeing. Dozens of species of butterfly inhabited this place , from the wife of pristine beaches to romantic meeting point of it was . Gocek, Dalyan, Oludeniz destinations like the separately are worth a visit . Beaches are soon you will discover . Calis Beach , journal Bay , Pumpkin, Ships, Katrancı Gulf in places like the sun and the sea tasted really involved . Deinze to enter Oludeniz ” i can opt .
Wining and Dining
Fethiye is well developed in terms of tourism options for the restaurants too much. You can enjoy seafood at the marina . Cord very stylish places to eat in there . Rafet restaurant on the promenade , with many years of qualified service and scrumptious food are happy for visitors of all ages richness of the menu here may astonish you . And almost all of the restaurants in Fethiye , menus and prices are tabulated keep a in front of the restaurant . This also makes it easier to choose . There are also some options on fast food in Fethiye , enjoy the cuisine in different countries . Chinese restaurants are in demand. English breakfast , a morning habit of . A municipal able to relax in the tea garden in Fethiye Park . Especially in a day round trip , you drop in Fethiye , if they can sip tea in the tea gardens , you can enjoy the cool under the trees ..

Work in the area right next to the beach , meat and fish restaurants are available. Here boulonez Mediterranean style spaghetti , seasonal salad and tomato soup you should try .
Fethiye market is quite extensive. What you look for . In the center supermarket ‘s last meal voucher . Keep regional wine brands in here , so kind of product in different brands of candy comes to your face . Gift shops , leather dealers , carpet, boutiques and jewelers row . Foreign tourists are willing to bargain with the tanner in front of the door . There are a wide range of accessories in leather . Could you possibly take a modest gift to your loved ones , away from here . Of the cigarette lighter , free -bags, small purses are very stylish and feature a chamois . In this way you may not find them in big cities . There are many stalls around Calis Beach . Silver jewelry , leather bracelets and auspicious stones have curiosity , you have to leave it in front of the counter . Advanced weaving around Fethiye . Original cloth woven on handlooms , carpets and rugs, you may be interested . Rock carpet , stunning with root dyes . Colon and Fethiye in daster fabric reflects the manual labor of women in the villages . The center is Paspatur Bazaar is getting overcrowded on summer evenings . Here everyone is on the beach to do some shopping or the hours you select , or to relieve the fatigue of the night, they sleep in the morning hours … In summertime buffet until almost morning and find gift shops scheme .
Fethiye is very lively nightlife . Bar street bamboo chairs in summer cafe- bars, Irish Pub , songs that hold bars , discos offers so many options . Work may discover hidden bars around , you can watch live performances by local bands . Bulent Ortacgil classic , MFO groups who steals pieces may be interested . Car Cemetery in Fethiye alternative venue , with interesting decor and live music with the appreciation of foreign visitors is appreciated. C once Cemetery ” that the program Athena, the British were taking a lot of applause from visitors as well . If you love the nightlife , hotels do not forget to visit the bars . Surprise programs and attractions you may encounter .
Outdoor Sports
Fethiye is an ideal place for outdoor sports enthusiasts . In this region, the Mediterranean ” the common water sports are being made, as well as interesting adventure sports . Paragliding, scuba diving , rafting, jeep safari , canoeing, horseback riding, parasail , trekking these activities the most important . Babadag ” the paragliding do , it makes watching a separate a joy. Public events and competitions held here , gives great vitality to the area . So many boats in the harbor of Fethiye and Oludeniz organizes tours around . This day tour with the surrounding caves, coves, beaches and , of course, possible to discover the Butterfly Valley . Alone , even in summer , though , suddenly need to pay attention to the storm . Even if you have to leave the boat in Oludeniz accepted . Small boats, rough seas can be difficulty in moving . Transportation options to enjoy jeep safari can be enjoyed with . Fethiye and little-known beauty of the surroundings can be explored on an adventurous journey . The correct address for those interested in Scuba , Fethiye. Yet at the marina , scuba diving tours to the boat ‘s regulating . Fethiye ” the clear sea , many hidden beauties of the slot. Underwater riches ; vegetation, marine life and historic ruins consist of . Interesting geological structure observes worth . Rafting Dalaman River is preferred. Fethiye ” and the tour here with the possible to get . Already a half -hour drive . Completely safe route. Tours supplies you need are provided. Co- kayaking and canoeing on the River is done. In this enormous space , surrounded by eucalyptus trees , you can enjoy a real canoe . As well as those interested in yachting now favors of nature do not give up this wonderful county . 35 kilometers ahead spectacular Göcek Bay , the busiest place in the marina . The heart of nature with a charming Gocek Fethiye boat ride among the coves are doyamayacağınız .
Clean air, blue and green that brings together nature and sport facilities, an ideal place for a healthy life , Fethiye. Only foreign visitors came to spend their holidays , even if you ‘re starting to think about settling here to take home . The only element that could create health problems in Fethiye , increasing temperatures in summer, too . Alita stay in the sun more ways you can take the boredom out of sorts . Protect your head while relaxing to do . Umbrellas and hats to abandon . Never neglect to drink plenty of water . Letoon Hospital and Medical Services in the region of Lycia qualified health care providers from some centers .
Gocek , Dalaman, Kas, Kalkan, Patara

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