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Finike Map

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General Information
” Turkish Riviera”

Finike gave the name of the Turkish Riviera . Kemer and Kaş in the middle of the two major tourism center , have stayed in a secluded bay , a fishing village untouched … Mobility was not much to this region of the Mediterranean , everything here in peace … Phoenicia ; beaches, fish and orange groves happy … When you arrive at the resort will draw you peace and serenity . Made in the area of temples for the gods and goddesses notice that embraces you . Immortals in Phoenicia, colors nectarines , oranges orange and teal …
Phoenicia, just like the built-in Demre has a population … Population , with around 10 thousand villages . Therefore, between November and April, also suitable to be visited . The only problem with nearby centers from the district during this period the reduction of transport facilities … Summer season , in the last three years has been stirred up . The town’s small harbor to be expanded or made ​​available by tourism , have increased the popularity of Finike . Being close to the Taurus Mountains , winter season makes harder . With rich fruit garden in the spring awakening is going to Phoenicia … Especially at the beginning of the month of May , as Ördübek regions in terms of ecotourism destinations are becoming hard to find his wife . Therefore, go to Finike not need to wait for a certain season . Each season is a beautiful area separate …
Finike and the sea , and can be accessed from the highway . Kemer, Kas centers such as day trips to the ancient city of Myra regulate all travel agencies, introduces you to Finike’yl . Antalya – Finike 125 from Dalaman – 225 miles from Phoenicia … But these units fool you. Finike highway stretching really tough , especially Finike- Demre (Kale ) from … We know that our primary book extends perpendicular to the sea mountains, complicating the highway construction . Appeared disguised way , a snake came frizz .

If you ‘re traveling with your own car and the steering head if you , be sure to take occasional way to relax . Because harsh cornering and every moment that you can come nose to nose with a van comes as no joke, no way . If you’re traveling by bus , grabbing the edge of the sea -side window with care. So along the way , came from color to color , which appears to have inspected the small bays can watch the sea , you can forget how time passes . Finike yacht or boat tours arranged if one of the catch , you really are lucky. Because the sea is much more interesting and much more relaxing …
Region Local Transportation
Several beaches are minibuses that travel between municipalities . They once every ten minutes during the summer season is doing . Located outside of Finike going to the beach , you can use municipal vehicles .
In the region, Lycian , Roman and Byzantine ruins, stunning … The people settled in the area , the earthquake in the first century BC and inspired by the Arab invasions have been forced to migrate . Ancient settlements in the region ; Lymira Arykanda and is bringing us some clues , unlikely to achieve precise information . Finike following the 2400 meter hill Alacadag rock tombs in the region in ancient times shows that have an advanced understanding of architecture .
Things to Do
Phoenician -Apple Arykanda ancient city on the way there . BC In the 5th century this city was founded , the earthquake affected much of the Byzantine period have been restored . Today we come across structures, draws attention to sturdiness . Byzantine bathhouse, BC heads columns remaining from previous years , worth reliefs of gods and goddesses … Phoenicia – the way left on the sandy Lymra Zengerler today called the ancient city , right next to the village . Lymra a large agora , as well as the ruins of a Byzantine basilica and the bishop ‘s palace . In the necropolis on mythological stories and ornate sarcophagus with reliefs depicting the deceased ‘s life . This removed some of the ruins of two ancient cities today, are exhibited in the Antalya Museum .
Wining and Dining
Without thinking, ” fish ” you might say. Phoenicia, especially in terms of fishing and coastal fishing town of advanced … Edremit , which is common in Karasu angling , aquaculture offers wonderful menu for lovers .

‘ll Encounter on the road between Demre Finike promenades and Mediterranean cuisine in the rustic restaurant , you can sample the . Of course , the master chef cooking some of the dishes they do not indicate that an example of Mediterranean cuisine . If you eat too many times before but in Phoenicia, a kebab taste differently from you , in fact is carrying a small kitchen secrets . Those interested in local cuisine , local chefs and meet their pockets on the way home written on napkins recommend them to take a few simple recipes . Phoenicia near the harbor or Gökkumsal restaurants, draws attention to the rich menu . Pergola Restaurant on Beach Road, just one of them . If you are not keen on heavy meals , you can stop by to fast food restaurants in the harbor .
Finike will not find a large shopping center . What ‘s Marmaris Bazaar in the evening moving up market, what big erected on either side of the belt showcases a wide street shops … Finike market, small souvenir shops , boutiques and restaurants that demand of the inhabitants are made up. Souvenir shops shelves made ​​of clay pottery , jewelry boxes decorated with various reliefs , evil eye beads in almost every aspect reminiscent of the ruins of the ancient city and takes up statuettes .
Finike ‘s nightlife is not so much brilliant … Discos and bars in the marina ” crazy Mediterranean Nights” is not experienced. Dancing , sipping your drink , you can listen to music , mostly all of this … you ‘re not very fond of lively , walks on the beach and listen to the sea in the dark, you very well may be . Other than that, you can choose the bars and cafes of small pensions . Alone, in some small bar on board the open air , attached to a corner of TinTin pay attention to the iridescent lampshade . Turkish films can remind you of the 70s . In the same town is also used as lampshades Side .
Outdoor Sports
Phoenicia, a place convenient to many extreme sports . One side of the Taurus Mountains , a vast Mediterranean as well … Relevance of Tea Valley’s fertile soil , Phoenicia Myra path between every ten minutes karşısınızda coming your small coves, miles long beaches , Phoenicia Plateau, the mild Mediterranean climate, people metropolises forget and it again a part of nature is doing .

Lykia’lı traces of Phoenician been the subject of many legends and yachting harbor and very convenient for a variety of sea sports … Setu Finike Marina , an ambitious centers in this regard . Even if yacht racing is held in the region . Near the harbor to those who windsurf or water ski , canoe rides to those who would come across. Nearby major tourist facilities , outdoor facilities is also provided to visitors . You can try offroad routes with day tour , full of excitement and pleasure you can enjoy a jeep safari . At elevations surrounding mountain climbing, trekking and hunting is done.

A feature of the area bike tours. Bicycle races are held. Pedal ambitious ones, sportsmanship and fair play in these races can be united show how the entertainment . When it comes to underwater sports … There is no restriction about snuggling . But due to the underwater ruins in the area dives are restricted in some places … Akçaören nose dive in the discipline.
Spraying is done at certain times in the region for any vermin, fly species difficult to come across . The only factor you need to protect yourself in summer , especially in July and August, at noon, that has become the scorching sun …
Demre , Kaş, Kemer, Title Source
Holidays with Children
To go on vacation with your kids and if you put your mind to go to the Mediterranean Sea , Phoenicia one of the most accurate address … Just do not ask babysitting services , so it is not necessary.

First, moving Phoenician beach ideal for children. Quite shallow coastline … Second Phoenicia Bazaar when traveling with children , you can find so many things that may be required . Replacement of a lost pacifier fell out of place and will not bother much . To reach the ancient city need not take very long and challenging treks . Moreover, a calm and peaceful atmosphere of the town , is good for children ; allows them to move comfortably . Also beautiful orchards, can encourage children to eat fruit . Offered the blessing of the goddess Cybele, mother earth, children are rewarded with vitamins .

Especially families with children living in big cities , small for such a holiday would be able to judge how important it is . Trees , assorted sea birds and sometimes dolphins head of sisters and such a holiday , your children will leave good memories in pristine memory .

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