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Gökçeada Map

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General Information
“The film festival , which hosted the Island! ”

Gökçeada , wild nature, sweeping sandy beaches , sparkling sea, green and blue combines with the unique weave of past intertwined with the island …
In the summer the island hosts many festivals in this month ‘s plenty going on in the ziyeretçi . Especially since 1998, during the international film festival livens up the island . July and August, the most ideal time to enter the sea , but the sea is getting a bit chilly . Other than that, you can go to the island at any time of year . Another beautiful nature in all seasons .
Imbros from Çanakkale or Eceabat – Kabatepe can go over the harbor . Gökçeada Çanakkale ferry running between Banda instead of Bozcaada ferry began to make time . Banda with the ferry takes 2 hours from Çanakkale- Imbros . If you want to come on the trip from Gaba Tepe , trolley takes 1.5-2 hours by ship .
Gökçeada Imroz is also known by the name and the history of BC Goes back to the 2000s . Today’s settlement was established on the ruins of the ancient city of Panagia . Athens State Gokceada M.Ö.215 -168 which is connected to the 47 year period between the end of the Macedonian Wars changed hands and was ruled by the Roman Empire . The transfer of power in different countries ravaged the island , the best time lived under Ottoman rule . Because the Ottoman Empire , the island was seen as a foundation . Of the Ottoman Empire and recently has begun to lose ground rapidly after the defeat in the Balkans , the Ottoman taprak separated from Imbros . The domination of Italians and Greeks living a long island , was allowed to Turkey at Lausanne . Today, on the island of Athens , Byzantine, Genoese , Venetian able to come across the ruins of many ancient civilizations , such as …
Things to Do
Gökçeada an ancient Greek settlement region, in 1950 the Greek population decreased after the migration . Fishing , olive and partly animal living on the island were formerly famous for its vineyards . But now former reputation vintage carnival held in July azaldı.26 interesting ….

From the sea around the island can enter wherever you want . The best known beaches Aydıncık ( Kefalos ) , Kaleköy Purgos and places to visit between … barrage of İspily environment , Salt Lake , cinder have melted ..

Seven villages on the island with the majority discharged Kaleköy old village centers , Eskibademliköy , Zeytinlikoy , cinder and examples of civil architecture in Dereköy Kaleköy in churches and monasteries and places worth seeing in the castle of Imbros …

Gökçeada Festival : Every year since 1998 Gökçeada International Film Festival is held in August . Lot of interest in this festival , as well as Imbros kite festival cabotage feast water sports competitions, football matches, tournaments, music concerts, television live broadcast , beach volleyball tournaments , basketball tournaments only come to the island to anyone oratory succeeds . Greek island located in the middle of July each year , starting with a month-long blood flowing fails, do not eat meat . At the end of the fasting period is experiencing a holiday on the island . Greeks are scattered to the four corners of the world to participate in this festival come to Imbros . This festival can drink wine until late in the night is done Sirtaki . Worth seeing ! Moving İmbroz Bar and Disco for those who love night life can offer.
Outdoor Sports
Gökçeada , ideal for lovers of diving … Diving as it is thought not prohibited in the National Park . Gökçeada of directors of the National Park and diving can be done when taken permission from local authorities .

Located in the south of the island Aydıncık ( Kefalos) coast of the Northern Aegean Patara is considered . Aydıncık nose area ideal for windsurfing makes …
Bozcaada, Eceabat, Canakkale , Gallipoli

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