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General Information
“Rock of life in the ”

Goreme is a city that lives in the rocks … In many places in Cappadocia caves that once people were able to see the bar , but you can only imagine life here today, I do not live in these caves . See the rock houses are still built on a large portion of the population harbors . Visitors to one of the most appealing aspects of the village , this being a part of life in the heart of nature . Nature and planner of this charming village , as well as been the architect . If the travelers to admire the falls.
Visitors to Göreme , the interest in open-air museum , especially if it takes all year round in June – September, is undergoing more intense . Often seen snowfall winter months , especially Japanese and Australian favorite of visitors … See see the streets empty of any month of the year is not possible in ; still carved on the doors of the church as the wait is annoying for you brake, let us note that tested your patience before October . If you go to Tours , where you see the opportunity to receive additional information about the contacts that you have the right , independently of the advantage to the group waiting in line is getting filtered into the cave .
Goreme, Nevsehir is 13 km away … Region to travel with your own car ideal ; unique in a region without much loss are you going to bend .

If you travel by bus , from almost every big city , you can find a direct line to Nevsehir … In addition to the well-known travel company Goreme Tourism, Nevt and local companies operating some of Cappadocia Travel Express … If you catch a bus , you can get off in Goreme Nevsehir arrival .

Alternatively go by train to Kayseri , Goreme bus can now either by plane can reach Nevsehir .
Region Local Transportation
Avanos and Urgup minibuses running between , near Göreme is going through . This minibus ride to the bridge on the road to the open-air museum are you waiting for half an hour at most . Evening hours after 19:00 if your business has been left to chance ; sometimes exceed all that is happening in the van .
See the source of the name for the first time is spent in the fifth century , however, from the ruins of the settlement movement is believed to be older . Fairy chimneys and carved church attracts many visitors with open-air museum , starting from the fourth century was a religious center for almost a thousand years . Museum with the many carved churches, monasteries campus when combined creates a symbiosis driven . Christian monks of Cappadocia dominant saint Basil ‘s leadership and then the footsteps continued the monastic life , unusually , no time outside off and seclusion not directed , unlike the locals every century, further expanding in a spiritual retreat as a place assessed . In 1950, this region turned into an open air museum opened to visitors .
Things to Do
Located two miles east of Goreme open air museum , definitely a place not to be missed … Especially the Dark Church , Snake Church , Apple Church , Priest and Nuns Monastery sure to see ; already are very close together these two sections Dark Church frescoes are very well preserved and that the visit to the newly opened because an additional fee need to pay. From Goreme open air museum to the left of the path to the left and right of Swords Valley El Nazar Church out of the way at one time can also .

Çavuşin see two kilometers from the region ‘s oldest known religious site … The most coveted among churches in the region , with stunning views of the Baptist Church … The fifth -century church , but also the region’s oldest church …

See that the highest point on the outskirts of Uchisar , landscape with a castle next to the carving is remarkable. Consisting of interconnected rooms and floors of this semi-natural , half-human work forts, places worth seeing , though damaged … Specific to the underground city of tunnels needed to be sealed millstone be terminated with a further distinguishing feature of the castle …

Goreme – Avanos road a mile on the right side of the Paşabağları , fairy chimneys have a peculiar form of interest … This is also known as the Valley of the Monks .
Wining and Dining
See between the Central Anatolian style -specific flavor meat dishes stand out. Stalls of local artisans made ​​in crock pots in the shape of the earth kebabs with vegetables , especially the ‘ tile ‘ is the name of the grill made in shallow vessel is different and delicious … Two of fairy chimney climb inside to suppress your hunger , if the ideal waffle …
See ‘ll find the most unique examples of handicrafts , woven on hand looms and naturally dyed with madder rugs … You can get a similar rug is also possible to watch when touching on the bench … More of portable ceramic trinkets and souvenirs include rag doll .
Outdoor Sports
There are two different parts to make the walk will be recommended : Pigeons Valley and Rose Valley . If they show similar characteristics as well , mostly in pigeon history , mostly in Güller will be amongst nature . Some agencies in the center of Goreme , in various places away two days and one night camping – organize trekking tours . Renting a jeep, its also possible to find your track …

In addition, the outdoor options of rides for this reme … Cavusin on the coast or go to one of the stud , or you can simply contact one of the agencies in the central market … As for those who soar over Cappadocia balloon tours are held regularly now . In Goreme , may be of particular interest to photographers agencies regulating balloon rides are also available.
See in terms of health care and Nevsehir Urgup mainly dependent on its neighbors … Still going down from the village square of Health at the end of the street to let you know that there is a health center . Yaşats hard to hikers in the summer sun , the visor of a hat and find a shady place , albeit a little difficult is handling most of the time . A stroll outside the city will be haunting your head in the care of bees , so it is rare for a whole day they put large ones can spoil .
Urgup, Avanos, Zelva , Nevsehir
Holidays with Children
A typical vacation in Goreme , situated a few kilometers away from each other systematically visited tourist spot that consists of , tiring for small , even can be tedious at times . Keen to explore and stepped on solid ground with a child if you are going on holiday , countless fairy chimneys have not entered in the pursuit of efforts to leave the cavity you could be falling into the same situation . Somehow you’ll have to balance , because your child alone in Goreme to have fun or do not have a place to come together with their peers .

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